BOM (@haroobomkum): “Family picture~~~^0^~~”

Before we get on stage today~~*^_____^* Family picture~~~^0^~~ Edited by CL-roo^^~~(Worked hard to make it dark ㅋ) Sebelum kami berdiri di panggung hari ini~~*^_____^* Foto keluarga~~~^o^~~ Diedit oleh C:-roo^^~~(Yang bekerja keras untuk membuatnya gelap ㅋ)     Source: Bom’s Twitter via: WeLoveBom Indo trans: 2NE1land Advertisements

(Video) 2NE1 & Jeremy Scott – Mnet America’s Danny from LA

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(News) PSY-GD-2NE1, YG Entertainment’s Triple Threat

YG Entertainment and its prowess is growing every day. As Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video surpassed the 60 million views on YouTube, Big Bang G-Dragon’s new single, “One of a Kind,” was also released on August 25, now recording 6.4 million views in a matter of 3 days. Justin Bieber’s management company recently reached out … Continue reading

(Photos) 2NE1 @ PSY’s Concert

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DARA: “The wreath that cuties 2NE1 are giving to CNN Star PSY for his daebak concert~!!!”

The wreath that cuties 2NE1 are giving to CNN Star PSY for his daebak concert~!!! Go to “Soaking Show” and get wet~!!! +.+ Jump!!! Karangan Bunga yang imut yang 2NE1 berikan untuk Bintang CNN PSY untuk konsernya yang daebak~!!! Pergi ke “Soaking Show” dan berkeringat~!!! +.+ Lompat!!! Message on wreath: CNN star Psy oppa! Good … Continue reading

(Video) YG Family Sends Warm Congratulations to Lea and Doug’s Wedding

This is Pius Kim with Dara and Master Hwangssabu Credit: YGMEW@YouTube via @the2ne1hour; Thanks @kizzedangel for the photo! via: OhDara Reshared by 2NE1land

DANiiVORY (@daniivory): “All smiles at the YG after party”

All smiles at the YG after party. I love the YG family…❤❤❤❤ Semua tersenyum di YG setelah pesta. Aku cinta YG family…❤❤❤❤   Source: DANiiVORY’s Facebook via; Indo trans: 2NE1land

SE7EN: “2NE1 concert is… Another level…!!! 4sho!!!”

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(Photo) YG actress, Yoo in na at New Evolution Concert [Day 2]

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DARA: “Channeling Psy oppa’s energy today, we’re pumped!”

[NEWECON Congratulatory Wreaths] The first wreath in front of our waiting room!!! From Psy oppa~!!!!!^.^ wahhh~ Oppa Gangnam Style~!+.+ Thank you so much for rooting for us!!! The first performance in the Gymnastics Stadium!!! Channeling Psy oppa’s energy today, we’re pumped! Jump~!!!!!!!!!!!! [Karangan bunga ucapan selamat Konser NEW EVOLUTION] Karangan bunga pertama di depan ruang … Continue reading

(Video) 2NE1 shows PSY support in his 3rd teaser for “Gangnam Style”

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(Photo) 2NE1 Spotted at Psy’s Comeback Teaser on SBS Inkigayo

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(News) Yang Hyun Suk to 2NE1’s Minzy – “Tone Down the Sexiness!”

In 2NE1’s new track I Love You, 2NE1 will be going for a sizzling and sexy concept for the track. However, one 2NE1 member, the underage Minzy, is being given special instructions to try and refrain from doing so. Fans have been particularly interested in the choreography for I Love You after it was revealed Yang Hyun Suk himself … Continue reading

(News) Yang Hyunsuk, “It pains me to see 2NE1.”

The strict head of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyunsuk, revealed his affectionate feelings towards 2NE1 who came back recently on the 5th. He expressed that he was “hurt” because he couldn’t pay as much attention as he wanted to to 2NE1′s comeback. On this day, he told OSEN “These days when I see 2NE1, it pains … Continue reading

(Video) Dara on MNET Wide News – YG Artists’ Unique Hairstyles

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(Info) Notice from YG Family Website About Global Blackjack

Hello, we are the official representative of YG FAMILY FANCLUB. We are pleased to announce the opening of the official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page. The official 2NE1 Global Black Jack twitter page is the perfect place for 2NE1 fans from all over the world where 2NE1 fans will have access to 2NE1’s domestic … Continue reading

(Videos) 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert DVD – Making Film [ENG SUB]

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(Video) 2011 YG Family Concert DVD Promo Video [Taiwan Release]

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(Videos) YG Family Concert DVD Making

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Universal Records Philippines (@universalrecph): “THANKS BLACKJACKS!”

JOIN US ON MAY 26 (SATURDAY) AT ASTROPLUS THE BLOCK & ODYSSEY MEGAMALL FOR YG FAMILY DAY. WE ARE LAUNCHING ALL KOREAN IMPORTS! PRICES (KOREAN IMPORTS): ▶BIG BANG “Alive” Korean Version (CD) PRICE: P850.00 ▶2NE1 “2nd Mini Album” Korean Version (CD) PRICE: P600.00 ▶2NE1 “NOLZA: 1st Live Concert” Korean Version (CD) P600.00 ▶2NE1 NOLZA: 1st … Continue reading