(News) 2NE1 and Intel release ‘Make Thumb Noise Round 3′

As previously reported, 2NE1 and Teddy Park have partnered with Intel Korea for the “Make Thumb Noise” project! 2NE1 and Teddy Park will collaborate with Intel to create an “Ultrabook Song“. Teddy Park will be producing the song while the girls of 2NE1 will be lending their vocals for it. During Round 1 fans were asked to choose their … Continue reading

INTEL KOREA (@intelkorea): “‘Tap the Beat’ while Teddy works on Round 3″

[Make Thumb Noise – Tap The Beat] Enjoy “Tap The Beat” (rhythm game) while Teddy’s working for the next round! And show your Best score~ CLICK HERE TO PLAY     Source: Intel Korea’s Facebook Reposted by tazanya@ygladies.com Reshared by 2NE1land  

(Info) Track #2 Wins First Round of Intel Korea’s “Make Thumb Noise” Project

[Make Thumb Noise – Round 1 voting result] Track 2 has been selected for the 1st Round! Are you excited for the 2nd round voting? Please send your cheering messages to Teddy who’s working on the song! [Make Thumb Noise – hasil pemungutan suara putaran 1] Track 2 telah dipilih untuk Putaran 1! Apakah Kalian … Continue reading

(Video) 2NE1 – ‘Make Thumb Noise’ Project_Intro

What’s Up We 2NE1! Ever wanted to be a producer? Here’s a your chance with Intel’s Make Thumb Noise campaign with 2NE1 & Teddy! Hit Intel Korea Facebook and vote for your favorite 30 sec track now for Round 1 to be part of the process of creating a song by 2NE1 & Teddy. You’ll … Continue reading

(News) Ultrabook™ Project: Seoul, South Korea with 2NE1

*NOTE: The events took place from Feb 27-29th of 2012 “Catatan: Acara ini berlangsung dari 27 sampai 29 Februati 2012 Seoul’s been called Asia’s newest melting pot of creativity. Now will.i.am’s adding his favorite ingredients into the mix: The GhettoBlasterz, apl.de.ap, and K-pop band 2NE1. Using Intel-inspired Ultrabooks to intensify their creativity, they’ll be whipping … Continue reading