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(News) The First Week Of July Is A Blast With Big Idol Groups Making their Comebacks

Its only the first week of July, and the music industry has already been shaken up with the comebacks! This months first week marks the beginning of Super Junior, T-ara, ZE:A and 2NE1‘s return in the music scene. With the comeback photos and audio teasers released from left to right plus the actual album and … Continue reading

(News) SM-YG Heats Up Summer with Super Junior & 2NE1’s Simultaneous Comeback Next Month

SM-YG Menghangatkan Musim Panas dengan Comeback Serentak Super Junior & 2NE1 Bulan Depan Two biggest rivaling agencies SM and YG are about to have a showdown this coming summer. SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment both have been in tight competition, and are about to get down again as they present their big name idol groups … Continue reading

[NOTE] Kids React to K-POP (SNSD, SUJU and 2NE1)

Kids react is a popular YouTube series that features kids reacting to the latest cultural phenomenon, often reviewing viral videos. source: TheFineBros @ YT

Super Junior, Big Bang and SHINee are in the top ten ‘Singers You’d Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics’ list

On January 7th, Super Junior‘s Donghae commented on a recent The Top Tens poll that asked ‘Singers You’d Like to Perform at the 2012 London Olympics’.  The Top Tens is a collection of visitor created top ten lists categorized by list type and made available for creators to edit and add to as they see … Continue reading

(Videos) Super Junior’s Eunhyuk mentions 2NE1′s Park Bom

The cut is from Super Junior’s Foresight variety show   Credit:  xoxo2shy  via: WeLoveBom

2NE1, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Secret @ 2011 “GENIE”

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Super Junior Ryeowook and Sungmin dance I Am The Best

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[Video Fancam] Eunhyuk terlihat sangat exciting saat 2NE1 perfome di MAMA 2011

Pada tanggal 29 November kemarin Super Junior dan 2NE1 menghadiri MAMA 2011 di Singapore. keduanya membawa pulang penghargaan Best Of The Best dari acara tersebut, Super Junior mendapatkan penghargaan Album of the years sedangkan 2NE1 mendapatkan Song of the years. Saat 2NE1 tampil dengan membawakan lagu hit mereka Im The Best terlihat Eunhyuk sangat bersemangat … Continue reading

[VIDEO] 2011 YouTube Korea Awards

(PHOTO) 2NE1, Leeteuk and Hyunah at the 2011 YouTube Awards

Google Korea “YouTube KPOP Awards 2011” memberikan “Most Views of the Year” penghargaan. 2NE1 mengatakan, “Kami akan mencoba yang terbaik untuk membuat video lebih indah di masa depan. Banyak cinta dan pandangan dari fans luar negeri. Kami mengambil banyak perawatan untuk “I Am The Best” dan banyak orang telah menyaksikan hal itu, jadi kita akan … Continue reading

Super Junior, 2NE1, dan HyunA menerima penghargaan di ‘2011 Kpop Awards YouTube ‘

Super Junior, 2NE1, dan HyunA telah membuat berita utama sepanjang tahun dengan jumlah pandangan mereka YouTube. Pada 22 November, tiga tim menerima penghargaan di ‘yang ‘2011 YouTube Kpop Awards di Google Korea di Seoul. HyunA menyatakan, “Saya terkejut dengan jumlah besar viewcounts YouTube. Saya melihat banyak orang meng-upload video dengan lagu saya, dan ada banyak … Continue reading