(Scan) Dara and SHINee BTS in Meg Magazine

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(Photo) DarBie and ShiKens Standees in Etude House Store

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(Caps) Gorgeous DarBie And SHIKens In Etude Mini Site Doll House

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(Video/Caps) Dara and SHINee for Etude’s Lash Perm 3-Step Volumecara “Don’t trust her eyelashes!” [CF]

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(Photos) Etude Ads For DarBie And SHIKens On YouTube And Etude Website

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(Video) Sandara and SHINee’s SNS marionette ‘Don’t Trust the Lash Girl [Trailer]

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Etude House: “On the 20th of August, tu-tu-turning up the volume of lashes to a DOLL DOLL state”

On August 20th, don’t forget to catch the New 3-step Volumecara advert! Text on poster: Sandara & Shinee SNS doll show ‘Do not believe her eyelashes’ On the 20th of August, tu-tu-turning up the volume of lashes to a DOLL DOLL state The secret of the eyelashes will be revealed on Youtube     Source: … Continue reading

(Video) Etude’s Exclusive clips of Dara & SHINee’s SNS marionette dubbing scene! [BTS]

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(Endorsement) Dara with SHINee for Etude House ‘Lash Perm 3-step Volumecara’

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(More Photos) Beautiful DarBie For Etude’s Lash Perm 3Step “Lively Party” Doll Mascara!

And it’s a race between Dara fans and MinKen! Who gets the DarBie stand?! Source: Etude Korea Facebook via: OhDara Reuploaded by 2NE1Land

(Photos) Beautiful, Gorgeous DarBie with KeyKen, TaeKen, and JongKen for Etude Lash Perm “Lovely” Concept!

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(News) 2NE1, SHINee, Teen Top ”The Hot Energetic Stages @ Pink Play Concert”

On the 8th of August In Olympic Hall in Seoul, Etude House’s Pink Play Concert was held which has become quite a buzz. Starting in the year 2010 with the ”Pink Play Concert”, This year Etude House held another ”Pink Play” concert making it their 3rd consecutive concert. The concert was definitely a blast as … Continue reading

(Photos) Flawless Dara Looking Like A Life-Sized Doll For Etude’s New Doll Mascara Promotions

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(Photo) Dara And SHINee BTS For Sun BB Cream CF Featured In The Philippines’ Sparkling Magazine

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(News) SHINee’s Onew and 2NE1′s Dara become ‘Darbie and Oken’ for Etude’s Lash Perm Volumecara

SHINee‘s Onew and 2NE1‘s Dara have transformed into “Darbie” and “Oken” for Etude‘s new line of mascara, ‘Lash Perm Volumecara‘! The concept of the new line revolves around the look of doll eyelashes, featuring a 3-part “dolly look” for every occasion. A CF teaser will be released on Etude’s YouTube channel on August 20th. Onew SHINee dan Dara 2NE1 telah berubah menjadi … Continue reading

(Photos) DarBie and Onew Ken (OKen) for Etude House

[Lash Perm 3 Step Volume Mascara] SNS Puppet Show “Her eyelashes are unbelievable!” Try to imagine in advance what the SNS puppet show would be like! ★ This is the doll doll ‘cara (short for mascara) director! ★ Dara has transformed into an innocent doll doll cara♥ Sweet, gentle, and pure Dara! What has happened?! … Continue reading

(Info) Etude Pink Play Concert To Be Broadcasted Live via YouTube

2 more days till 2012 PINK PLAY Concert!! ♪♬ Don’t worry if you can’t come~ You can watch 2012 PINK PLAY Concert LIVE on YouTube! There will be a fun events during the concert!!♥‿♥ Here is how~☆ ① Get ready to watch on Aug, 8th 7:00PM (Korea Standard Time) ② Go to ETUDE HOUSE You … Continue reading

(Endorsement) Barbie Dara and Her SHINee Kens for Etude House

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(News) 2NE1 to perform at Etude Pink Play Concert; Stream it live on Youtube!

TIP on watching Pink Play: Don’t be sad if you can’t watch the Pink Play concert live~ We have a surprise present for you! The 2012 Etude Pink Play Concert will be able to be live-streamed from Youtube~! 8 August 7PM! Catch it live~! Time and date: August 8, 2012 7PM Artists performing: Pink Heart: Toxic, … Continue reading

(News) SHINee and 2NE1’s Dara speculated to be filming ‘Barbie and Ken’ concept for Etude House CF

Having filmed sports-themed CFs for Etude House back in spring, it seems like SHINee and 2NE1’s Dara back for round 3. So far, sneak pictures from shooting and filming of Dara, Onew, and Minho have been uploaded through the Etude House staff Facebook pages. From the looks of it, it is speculated that the concept … Continue reading