(Photo) 2NE1, Big Bang, Gummy and Se7en’s Flowers for Seungri’s Solo Fan-Meeting in Japan

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(Photos) Seungri Academy CEO is Attentive Towards His Dara-Noona

[The Attentive Seungri Academy CEO] 1. Warmly greeted his one and only student Sandara 2. Her bag must’ve looked heavy 3. In the middle of asking “Do you want me to carry that?” occurence at the Yoesu Airport ❤ #attentive man #seungri #sandara #seungri partner [Kesopanan CEO Akademi Seungri] 1.Hangat menyapanya dan hanya murid Sandara … Continue reading

(News) Sandara Park Has A Love Phobia, “I’m Afraid Of When They Will Meet The Real Me”

2NE1′s Sandara Park confesses her fear of love. On the 27th, during the broadcast of SBS “Strong Heart,” YG Family Special episode one, Big Bang’s Seungri reveals about how he tried to set-up Sandara Park for a blind date. On the episode, Seungri said, “There are quite a lot of men I know who likes … Continue reading

(News) Seungri reveals Dara stepped on the hearts of three guys

Big Bang member Seungri revealed some secrets about Dara‘s love life. On the March 27th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Seungri said, “Dara always says on TV that she has never dated, but in fact she is a very scary girl.” He continued, “Sandara told me she was lonely so I set her up with … Continue reading

(Videos) 2NE1 – Joy Dance Academy Greeting Message!

*NOTE: Joy Dance Academy is part of Seungri Academy. *NOTE: Joy Dance Academi adalah bagian dari Seungri Academy.   source: ziine89 @ yt via ygfamilyy @ tumblr Re-shared and caps by 2NE1land

(News) Seungri introduced Dara to a handsome and caring male celebrity?

Big Bang‘s comedic member, Seungri, revealed that he set 2NE1‘s Dara on a blind date. On the upcoming episode, SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ featured artists from YG Entertainment as their guests. During the show, Seungri revealed, “Dara is very popular among male celebrities.  For noona, I introduced her to a handsome and caring male celebrity.” However, Dara was quick to lament, “He never contacted … Continue reading

DARA: “Seungri Academy Still Alive!”

  I’m summoning Dean SeungRi and student Park Bom! Do you still remember? For the production years of YG Fam Con,the three of us made ideas so hard while practicing. Now can it be viable? Do you remember that? Lets unite again. Seungri Academy Still Alive! Aku memanggil Ketua SeungRi dan mahasiswa Park Bom! Apakah … Continue reading

Taeyang, VI, Top , CL, dara and Tablo – 15TH Aniv.YG Family Concert Photo Book (Preview)!

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