(News) CL sheds tears at Sean’s touching story about Eun Chong

Jinusean’s Sean recently shared a touching story about Eun Chong, revealing the need for specialized rehabilitation hospitals for severely handicapped kids like these in Korea. On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on 3 April at 11:15 pm, Sean, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, Gummy, etc. – 13 artists from YG Entertainment … Continue reading

(News) @minggki21 and @haroobomkum Are One Step to World Domination

@minggki21 dan @haroobomkum Satu langkah untuk mendominasi Dunia For Blackjacks on Twitter, it is indeed a glorious moment to finally see Minzy and Bom truly “VERIFIED” on Twitter. One step closer to world domination! The little blue badge on a Twitter profile indicates that the user has been verified as the legitimate account, basically they … Continue reading

Bom (@haroobomkum) & Minzy (@mingkki21) are now Officially Verified on Twitter!

Source: @haroobomkum and @mingkki21 Credit for Caps: @WeLoveChaerin & MzKyu@YGLadies Reuploaded by 2NE1land

(News) “Strong Heart” YG Special #1 in viewership ratings for Tuesday’s Variety Shows.

Ratings on the 28th, according to research firm AGB Nielsen Media Research reached an audience of 11.6%! nationally! This is 2.4% increase from the previous Strong Heart episode which reached 9.2% in viewer ratings. Ratings in Seoul jumped from 11.3% to 13.8%. The news of the broadcast had brought much excitement, with the promise of … Continue reading

MINZY & SEAN: “Ah me? Minji-yah I’m shy”

Hayul started playing music and dancing. Haeum was watching and suddenly said “YG’s score is 100!” I was so amazed while cutting apples for the kids #SeanHyeyoungFamilyKPOPStar Hayul mulai bermain musik dan menari. Haeum sedang menonton dan tiba-tiba berkata “skor YG adalah 100!” Aku begitu kagum saat memotong apel untuk anak-anak #SeanHyeyoungFamilyKPOPStar Ah! This is … Continue reading

(News) 2NE1 and fellow YG Family members participate in Sean’s “10,000 won Miracle Project” for children

Sean and his fellow label mates from YG Entertainment participated in a charity event. On March 20th, Sean posted a photo on his personal Twitter and wrote, “The 15th participant for ‘10,000 won Miracle Project‘. Each member of Big Bang participated so they became participants 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 for the cause.” Sean … Continue reading

SEAN: “2NE1 has participated to help the Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. Our cuties 2NE1 ^^.”

$10 Miracle’s 21st participant. 2NE1 has participated to help the Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital. Our cuties 2NE1 ^^. They even went on a service trip with me.. The miracle for Purme Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital continues. Keajaiban $10 peserta yang ke-21. 2NE1 telah berpartisipasi untuk membantu Rumah Sakit Rehabilitasi Anak-anak. 2NE1 kami yang imut ^^. Mereka bahkan … Continue reading