DARA: “Last year’s CL’s solo stage-video at 2NE1 Nolza!”

“Last year’s CL’s solo stage-video at 2NE1 Nolza! Concert! First release! Exclusive broadcast! ^_^v Isn’t it cool?!? Do you want more..? If thats so~! Ride to 2NE1 2012 1st World Tour “NEW EVOLUTION”!!! July 28th, 29th, at 6pm! Olympic Park Stadium!!” “CL tahun lalu video-panggung solo  di Nolza 2NE1! Konser! Rilis pertama! Siaran Eksklusif! ^_^v Bukankah … Continue reading

(Video) 2NE1 2nd Japan Tour Promo

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(Scans) CL and 2NE1 in Nolza Concert Photobook!

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(Caps) 2NE1 @ Nolza DVD Japan

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(Scans) HQ scans of Minzy in Nolza Concert Photobook

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(Scans) HQ scans of Bom in Nolza Concert Photobook

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(Scans) HQ scans of Dara in Nolza Concert Photobook

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(Scans) HQ scans of CL in Nolza Concert Photobook

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(Info) 2NE1×Nico Live SP!【2NE1 1st Japan Tour “NOLZA in Japan”】Premium Viewing

Date and time: 22nd March (Thurs) 9:30pm~ Program URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv85021874 With the plan to have a special live broadcast between 2NE1xNicoNico, there will be a broadcast of the live setlist to look back upon the extraordinary Japan debut tour that gathered 70000 people, 「2NE1 1st Japan Tour “NOLZA in Japan”」!! We will introduce the live DVD setlist of … Continue reading

(Photos) 2NE1′s Autograph「NOLZA 1st Live Concert CD 」

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(Videos) 2NE1 NOLZA in JAPAN Making

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(Photos) HD Scans And Cuts Of Dara In NOLZA in Japan Photobook!

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[Scans] 2NE1 – 1st Japan Tour NOLZA in Japan DVD

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(Scans) Park Bom in “NOLZA in JAPAN” DVD Photobook

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[Info] 2NE1 ‘Nolza in Japan’ DVD Moves up Three Spots to Rank 5th on Oricon Daily Chart

Yesterday the Nolza-JPN DVD was at #8, now the girls have moved up to 5th place. Congratulations 2NE1! We are eagerly anticipating delivery of DVD, if you haven’t gotten your copy yet.. a go go go! Yesasia, CDJapan, and HMV all ship internationally. Kemarin Nolza-JPN DVD ada di peringkat #8, sekarang para gadis naik menjadi tempat ke5. Selamat 2NE1.     … Continue reading

[Official] 2NE1 “NOLZA in Japan” LIVE DVD Release!

2NE1 『”NOLZA in Japan”』 LIVE DVD release!!! Still fresh in our memories, 『2NE1 1st Japan Tour “NOLZA in Japan”』 The recorded LIVE DVD will be released tomorrow 2012.2.29 in stores LIVE DVD 『2NE1 1st Japan Tour “NOLZA in Japan”』 ¥4,980 (tax incl.), 2 DVDs, running time approx 120 minutes, with photobook. *First Press: Sleeve specification … Continue reading

[Official] 2NE1 1st Japan Tour “Nolza in Japan” Photobook

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Dara: “Nolza In Japan!!! Must-get item, DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Nolza In Japan!!! Must-get item, DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! +.+ I’m curious if it’s different or the same as the Korean concert DVD ~ The composition would be the same I think, but for sure there should be something a little different.. There’s going to be a making there too.. Ke ke Aww, Oh my ghad! My still … Continue reading

(Photos) 2NE1 @ NOLZA Concert HQ Pictures

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(Videos) Mexican Blackjack Screen Nolza Concert, Mexican BlackJacks are making activities to bring one Nolza Concert in

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