(Info) Park Siblings ‘Sandara Park & Cheondung’ #1 With 67.8% In ‘Favorite K-Pop Siblings’ By MNET

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DARA: “Dogpoop got me a present?!?”

Before leaving for the Japanese tour… I happened to meet Cheondoong at home!!! +.+ He said its a present for noona~ and he took out~ this black bag!!! Pre…present?!? >.< Dogpoop got me a present?!? Wow..This doesn’t happen oftenㅋㅋ What is it what is it!!! I’m curious I’m curious~~~~~!!! Sebelum pergi untuk tur Jepang… Aku … Continue reading

(Videos) Boom sings ‘I LOVE YOU’, MBLAQ mentions 2NE1 in ‘All the K-POP’

Mir says Dara’s name then Boom sings ‘I LOVE YOU’ drunken style at 4:13.   Thunder and Joon says all 2NE1 members at 4:32 Source: MBLAGOGO @YT via: YGLadies.com Reshared by 2NE1land

(Video) Thunder talks about Dara

**In the video, Thunder said that he was surprised about his performance (in the 100M) and that he’ll show a cooler side to his Noona (Dara)! And then Boom told Eunhyuk to ask where Dara was. And Thunder said that of course Dara is at home. (translated by oh-dara.com)   Source: mblaqthunder1007@YouTube via oh-dara via: … Continue reading

DARA: “Baby~ Noona will work hard today!!!”

[NEWECON Congratulatory Wreaths] This wreath was there when we got back from rehearsal!!!ㅠㅠ (sobs) My dongsaeng… he didn’t forget about this noona’s concert even when he’s in Japan right now…ㅠㅠ What am I going to do with these tears (sob) Baby~ Noona will work hard today!!! (sobs)…… Even though I’m feeling sentimental! I’m going to … Continue reading

DARA: “I just got back from the MBLAQ concert!”

I just got back from the MBLAQ concert!!! >.< I went to their waiting room before the concert~ not only is their appearance warm but their personalities too! They’re so so friendly and polite, so I was really happy!ㅠ And their performance was really cool too! Cheondoong greeted me twice on stage! Eye ocntact ke … Continue reading

(Press Photos) Gorgeous Dara at MBLAQ’s Concert

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(Photo) Supportive Dara’s Congratulatory Wreath for MBLAQ’s Concert

Cheondung-A I Love You uuuu – From nuna who has haft-shaved hair style but still pretty % – BLAQ% Tour Hwating!!! Cheondung~A Aku mencintai Kamu uuuu – Dari nuna yang memiliki gaya rambut setengah-dicukur tapi tetap cantik % – Tur BLAQ% Berjuang!!!     Credits: Nate + @the2NE1hour via: OhDara Indo trans: 2NE1land

(Video) Dara Mentioned at MBLAQ’s MyDol Episode

Check out Joon mentioning Dara @1:28! Credit: todnxnlrla@Youtube via: OhDara Reshared by 2NE1land

DARA: “Let’s spend this summer break at the hot MBLAQ concert and 2NE1 concert!!!”

Ow what is this! What is this!ㅋFound it while passing through Hongdae! MBlaq concert July 21st? Doodoong.. Do you remember last summer? One week before our concert, Cheondoong also had a concert so was very busy preparing for his so it was difficult to go see it.. ..ㅋBut this year is the same! It was meant to … Continue reading

DADOONG: “I’m gonna tell you a secret about this birthday celebration!”

It’s still a while before my birthday, but I’m going to sleep first! I’m sleepy! Yao ong~! I’m gonna tell you a secret about this birthday celebration! Nuna has prepared for you many (missions) things that you might like! She’s busy preparing~! Goodnight! ^.^ Ini masih sementara sebelum ulang tahunku, tapi pertama aku akan tidur! … Continue reading

(Video) Thunder Mentions Dara in “Oh Happy Day”

Thunder mentioning Dara at around 1:42 in MBLAQ’s geusting in “Oh Happy Day”!   Credit: abmsubs@YouTube via: OhDara Capped by 2NE1land

(Video) What Does Thunder Think Of The MBLAQ Members As Prospects For Dara?

MC: Cheondung-ssi, your sister, Sandara Park, I read this article where you said that you would choose Sandara Park’s husband yourself. What type of man do you want to recommend as her spouse? Thunder: I want to choose a man who is manly and reliable. G.O: That’s me. Thunder: A man like Seungho-hyung. His style … Continue reading

DARA: “This month’s L’Officielle Homme magazine~!!! Will-oppa together with 2NE1!!!”

This month’s L’Officielle Homme magazine~!!! Will-oppa together with 2NE1!!! And! Ke This is a handphone accessory that I would always use every day +.+ Cheondung who is like a handphone keychain~! Oho~ There are other photos too! But I’m in a bit of a hurry as I’m really busy~!!! Bulan ini di majalah L’Homme Officielle~!!! … Continue reading

DARA: “Cheondoong’s white chocolate abs!”

Waaaaa! I bought Harpers Bazaar but our Gaeddongahh is!!!! Why~ He’s a baby! His abs are! 0.0 They are Cheondoong’s white chocolate abs! bbabam! kekeke proud big sister mode! He has 8 pages! Kya~! Wasn’t expecting anything less for a ~ shoot!!! TAGS: Where did my 11shaped abs go??? kekeke Waaaaa! Aku membeli Harpers Bazaar … Continue reading

[ENG] 120210 MBLAQ answer questions about DARA, Weekly Idol

Starts around 8:10 Credit: TheNomnomApple @ yt via: YGLadies.com

(Videos) 120211 MBLAQ Weekly Idol – Sandara Park Q&A

The only question that Thunder got right was about Dara’s doll, Tam-Tammie! Then, MBLAQ was asked about what was written in Dara’s flower wreath during MBLAQ’s concert. MIR got so excited and started to answer but it was still Joon who got it correctly. ^_^   The last question had something to do about Dara’s … Continue reading

(News) MBLAQ Boasts About Their Sisters, “Our Noonas Are Sandara Park and Go Eun Ah”

Group MBLAQ‘s pride in their noonas as they appeared on KBS2 “Gag Concert” made fans smile. Broadcasted on the 29th, MBLAQ members appeared as surprise ninja assassins for the “Gaekon Members” segment. On the broadcast, members Thunder and Mir showed off their older sisters who are also famous celebrities quite suddenly, and then Seungho made … Continue reading

(Video) 120129 Thunder Mentions Dara at MBLAQ Gag Concert

Thunder: My older sister is Sandara Park! Check it out at around 2:15: Credit: QueenunSunset@YouTube via: Oh-Dara

(Video) 120125 Thunder Mentions Dara-Noona on Midnight Entertainment TV

*note: Dara-noona at around 0:30 of the video! Credit: ohmymireu@YouTube via: Oh-Dara