[NEWS] Minzy’s future plans: College education or musical artistry?

The celebrities who gave up College enrollment: IU, Yoo Seungho, Gong Minji (2NE1), Taemin (SHINee), Jeong Eunji, Yoon Bomi (A Pink), Hyoyoung (Five Dolls), and Kang Seungyoon chose entertainment activities instead of college life. IU deferred all of the universities’ special admissions and scholarship offers. She rejected the special admissions because of her busy schedule. … Continue reading

YG Family Groups + Units + Artist + Actors – Official YG Family Website Profile Pictures! –

source: ygfamily.com

(YGE App) (Photos) 2NE1, Bigbang, PSY, Gummy, Se7en, Goo hye sun, Yoo in na, Kang hye jung, Tablo, Jung hye young, Kang seung yoon

source: YGE app via: OfficialDaraGon

2NE1, Big Bang, & Se7en send their Lunar New Year greetings

Gaining much recognition world wide the past year, the artists of YG Entertainment discussed with OSEN their dreams and visions for 2012, as well as sending their Lunar New Year greetings to fans. Last year, 2NE1 received spotlight from not only within Korea, but from all over the world. Examples include their special coverage on … Continue reading

Bom & Kang seung yoon (trainee YG)”Bisa masuk ke universitas tanpa berbicara KSAT” MNET Idol Chart

Note: Kang seung yoon @ 1:05 dan Bom @ 3:49

YG Entertainment : “Akan Ada Boy Band Dan Girl Band Baru Yang Akan Debut Tahun Depan”

YG Entertainment membuat pernyataan resmi pada tanggal 8 November, bahwa mereka memiliki boy band  dan girl band baru yang  menunggu untuk debut tahun depan. Pada konferensi pers yang diadakan untuk mengatasi daftar publik label di pasar saham KOSDAQ (Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) , CEO YGE, Yang Min Suk , mengatakan bahwa perusahaan saat ini … Continue reading