(News) YG Entertainment and Cheil Industries to launch global fashion line

YG Entertainment and Samsung‘s Cheil Industries have joined hands to create a global fashion line. YG CEO Yang Hyuk Suk is reported to have signed a contract with Cheil on June 28th. There’s a lot of anticipation as the two companies will be combining their “DNA” for a variety of experimental projects. The fashion line is … Continue reading

(Videos) 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert DVD – Making Film [ENG SUB]

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(Videos) YG Family Concert DVD Making

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(Photos) 2011 YG Family Concert ‘LIVE CD’ Photobook (Preview) [Official]

PACKAGE CONTENTS: 2 Live CD Photobook YG Family Card (1st production) Poster (random buyers) DISC 1 01.FIRE – 2NE1 02.CAN’T NOBODY – 2NE1 03.GO AWAY – 2NE1 04.TONIGHT – BIGBANG 05.HANDS UP – BIGBANG 06.LOVE SONG – BIGBANG 07 I’m Sorry – Gummy 08 passion – Seven (Feat. Jinusean) 09.멋쟁이 신사 – 지누션 (Feat.세븐, G-DRAGON) … Continue reading

(News) CL sheds tears at Sean’s touching story about Eun Chong

Jinusean’s Sean recently shared a touching story about Eun Chong, revealing the need for specialized rehabilitation hospitals for severely handicapped kids like these in Korea. On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on 3 April at 11:15 pm, Sean, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Tablo, Psy, Gummy, etc. – 13 artists from YG Entertainment … Continue reading

(Videos) 2NE1 on Strong Heart “YG Special” Part 2

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(Info) YG FAMILY CONCERT 2011!!The Live CD + Photo Book!

Hello this is YG Entertainment.For the 15th anniversary we put on a special 2011 YG FAMILY CONCERT!!The Live CD + Photo Book for this event will be released on 4/13!! Jinusean, Gummy, Se7en, Big Bang, 2NE1, and Psy and Tablo, YG artists’ charisma was together for this performance. Se7en and Big Bang’s Taeyang, Daesung, and … Continue reading

MINZY & SEAN: “Ah me? Minji-yah I’m shy”

Hayul started playing music and dancing. Haeum was watching and suddenly said “YG’s score is 100!” I was so amazed while cutting apples for the kids #SeanHyeyoungFamilyKPOPStar Hayul mulai bermain musik dan menari. Haeum sedang menonton dan tiba-tiba berkata “skor YG adalah 100!” Aku begitu kagum saat memotong apel untuk anak-anak #SeanHyeyoungFamilyKPOPStar Ah! This is … Continue reading

(Videos) 2NE1 with YG Family @ YG Family Concert in Japan 2012


(News) 2NE1 and fellow YG Family members participate in Sean’s “10,000 won Miracle Project” for children

Sean and his fellow label mates from YG Entertainment participated in a charity event. On March 20th, Sean posted a photo on his personal Twitter and wrote, “The 15th participant for ‘10,000 won Miracle Project‘. Each member of Big Bang participated so they became participants 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 for the cause.” Sean … Continue reading

[VIDEO] YG Family Concert in Saitama, Japan

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YG Family Groups + Units + Artist + Actors – Official YG Family Website Profile Pictures! –

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(News) YG FAMILY: “Important Notice: Official YG SNS Channels”

Important Notice: Official YG SNS Channels Hello, this is YG Entertainment. These links below are the official or personal links to YG artists SNS channels. Please note that other links that are NOT on this list, considered as impersonation and unofficial channels. If anyone who already connected as a friend or following unauthorized channels, please … Continue reading

(News) YG’s Family Concert Wows Japan! (w/ Indo trans)

YG Entertainment’s 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert jumped outside of Korea to score a huge success in Japan. YG Entertainment artists Jinusean, Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en, Gummy, Tablo and Psy performed in Osaka, Japan from January 7-8 to shake up the 80,000 fans who gathered in the Kyocera Dome. As soon as 2NE1 announced the … Continue reading

Sean: “I bought 2ne1’s cute Minji and Sandara some delicious dinner”

Di sampingku maknae 2NE1 Minzy sedang melakukan latihan sangat keras ^^ Hari ini, aku membelikan Minji imut dan Sandara 2NE1 beberapa makan malam lezat yaitu salad, pizza bayam, pasta gurita, nasi risotto. Dan makanan pencuci mulut yaitu es krim panas dan pizza dan sebuah hotdog besar kekeke CL dan Bom memiliki janji jadi mereka tidak … Continue reading

Upcoming YG Family Japanese concert tour estimated to bring in over $26 million USD

YG Entertainment will most likely rake in a revenue of over $26,000,000 USD after performing in two cities in Japan. The artists of YG Entertainment are currently in preparations of the Japanese portion of their ‘YG 15th Anniversary Family Concert‘ tour, and they will be performing in front of 80,000 fans over the course of … Continue reading

[Video/Caps] Kiss With YG Family Spot!

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(News) Dara, “CEO Yang Hyun Suk Yang Ambil Foto Ini”

Sandara Park 2NE1 mengungkapkan sebuah foto yang diambil dengan senior YG Entertainment, Jinusean. Sandara Park mempost  di me2daynya pada 5 Desember, “Gentlemen yang cool~ Saya bernyanyi ‘ Tell Me’ dengan Jinusean oppa pada konser kami. Saya sangat gugup karena mereka sunbae shake shake shake ~0.0 Oppa mengatakan pada saya melakukan dnegan baikOppas told me I … Continue reading

[DARA FANCAM] JinuSean ft. Dara – Tell Me @ 111203 YG Family Concert [D1]

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2011 YG FAMILY CONCERT Promo! Bigbang, 2NE1, Tablo, YG family.

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