(News/Video) Who′s The Bigger Style Star: 2NE1 or SNSD?

We all know that 2NE1 rocks avant-garde fashion like no other idol, and they’re chummy with some of the world’s top designers– but are they the top style stars in the idol world? Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News delves into the luxurious world of idol fashion to find out. Since its debut, the 2NE1 members caught … Continue reading

(News) Top Girl Group Rankings Based on Fan Club Membership

Which girl group has the most fan club members? Recently, a ranking of the most popular girl groups was conducted using the total numbers of fan café members according to Internet portal site “Daum.” The group which came out on top was none other than SM Entertainment’s Girls’ Generation. Girls’ Generation had a whopping number … Continue reading

(News) SNSD’s Yuri has the best figure among girl group members

SNSD’s Yuri was recently selected as the girl group member with the best figure by foreigners. The April 17 episode of MBC Music’s Show Champion, which will air live at 7:00 at night, will reveal the girl group member who has the best figure among Wonder Girls’ So Hee, 4minute’s Hyun Ah, After School’s UEE, … Continue reading

Photoshoot face off: Sooyoung vs. Park Bom

Idol group members’ every moves are a hot topic. Especially for girl group idols, their every move from what they eat to what they wear becomes a target for people’s attention. Their most eye catching factor are their slim figures. We compared two idols, Girl‘s Generation‘s leg representative Sooyoung and2NE1‘s ‘doll legs‘ Park Bom. Sooyoung is the ‘wanna be star‘ … Continue reading

[News] SNSD Top’s survey on idol group you want to give candies to on White day

SNSD top’s the survey answered by netizens online on which female Idol group would they want to give chocolates to on White Day. On the survey, over 455 netizens participated and the survey lasted from March 2 to 11 lasting for 10 days and SNSD topped it garnering 83 votes. IU came in second being … Continue reading

(News) Cosmetics Model Rival “Innisfree Yoona VS Etude House Sandara Park” Who Is The Winner?… Transformations According To Various Concepts, Outstanding “Sandara Park”

15 seconds is too short a time for a product to make an impact in the minds of a consumer, thus leaving an impression is not an easy task. Selecting the best brand models is the key to achieving this, particularly for cosmetic brands. Establishing a model that is perfect for a brand is a … Continue reading

(News) K-pop’s Breakthrough at Briar Woods

I want nobody, nobody but you. B-bring the boys out. Bam ratatata tatatatata. These are hooks of the hit songs of each of the three South Korean girl groups that have or will debut this year and attempt to break into the American music industry. They are part of a new genre of music known … Continue reading

[NOTE] Kids React to K-POP (SNSD, SUJU and 2NE1)

Kids react is a popular YouTube series that features kids reacting to the latest cultural phenomenon, often reviewing viral videos. source: TheFineBros @ YT

2NE1, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Miss A, Secret @ 2011 “GENIE”

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