DJ POET (@poetnamelife): “Take the world on for real tonight with 2NE1 at Nokia Live!”

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(Photos) HD Caps From Take The World On BTS!

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(Video) 2NE1 and Will – BTS “Take The World On” Ultrabook™ Project

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(News) Ultrabook™ Project: Seoul, South Korea with 2NE1

*NOTE: The events took place from Feb 27-29th of 2012 “Catatan: Acara ini berlangsung dari 27 sampai 29 Februati 2012 Seoul’s been called Asia’s newest melting pot of creativity. Now’s adding his favorite ingredients into the mix: The GhettoBlasterz,, and K-pop band 2NE1. Using Intel-inspired Ultrabooks to intensify their creativity, they’ll be whipping … Continue reading

(News) Check out a preview for 2NE1, & DJ Poet’s “Take the World On”

Earlier in the month, some footage arose of 2NE1 and‘s alleged US track at Club Answer in Seoul. However, it seems that this isn’t related to their American debut at all and rather is a track which will be used as a promotional single for Intel’s Ultrabook Project. Produced by and DJ Poet, … Continue reading

(GIFs) 2NE1 X for Intel

“CL’s just… She’s just too cool. Her style, her fashion. Her personality.” “CL hanya… Dia hanya sangat keren. Gayanya, Fashionnya. Kepribadiannya.” “One day, like, Teddy hooked us all up and was like let’s, you know, try and record a song together. And that’s how we actually got together. We were all preparing for … Continue reading

(Videos) 2NE1 with Will.I.Am in Seoul Documentary [BTS]

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(News) 2NE1 “Take the World On”

DJ Poet who is a close friend of Black Eyed Pea’s who visited Korea with The Ghettoblasterz(wil, ammo, apl) for the Intel Ultrabook Project, revealed about working with 2NE1 and hinted about their new EDM (electronic dance track) track. He has been posting updates on his listendeep and Twitter with photos from his recent recording session … Continue reading

DJ POET: “Ok serious, 2NE1 fans are the BESTINTHEWORLD!

Cek potongan dari lagu baru yang aku lakukan dengan 2NE1, DJ Ammo, Apl, and! itu 2ne1 bersamaku & ammo! VIDEO LINK Lagu lengkapkan akan di dengarkan segera! bergabung dan cek untuk rincian dan update! Ok serius, fans 2NE1 adalah YANG TERBAIK DI DUNIA! mudah-mudahan kami akan melakukan album inggris mereka di sini di … Continue reading

Dara: “Come play in Korea again next time~!!!”

Together with Dj Poet who the Lackjacks nicknamed DJ Youngpo~! Click!^_^ We got to see will oppa and dj poet DJ yesterday~ And we were so excited when they surprised us while they were DJing yesterday by letting us listen to a hot hot track~! Kkya~! Come play in Korea again next time~!!! Seeya!!! Bersama … Continue reading

(Photos) 2NE1 Intel Korea Ultrabook Project! [Day 2]

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[FANCAM] 2NE1 (sans Minzy) with DJ POET – Playing their New Song? @ 120229 CLUB ANSWER

Will.I.Am is in Seoul right now working with 2NE1 on their new English album. 2NE1 made an appearance at Club ANSWER last night for “Will.I.Am in Seoul” in which at one point Will.I.Am played one of the new songs he composed with DJ Poet and 2NE1. It’s all in english and he only played a … Continue reading


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DJ POET: “2ne1 for life”

@mingkki21 @haroobomkum @iamwill @djammo @dorkdozier super cinta! Dipersatukan oleh musik listendeep! 2ne1 untuk jiwa!     Source: DJ Poet’s Twitter Indo trans: 2NE1land NOTE: DJ Poet is one of the producers that is working with 2NE1 for their US album NOTE: DJ Poet adalah satu dari produser-produser yang bekerja dengan 2NE1 untuk album amerika mereka

DJ POET: “Special thanks to 2NE1!”

Special thanks to 2NE1! The song came out amazing! Terima kasih khusus untuk 2NE1! Lagunya keluar dengan luar biasa! Source: DJ Poet’sTwitter Indo trans: 2NE1land

DJ POET: “2NE1 where u at!”

Off to seoul with the ghettoblasterz! Listendeep with @djammo @iamwil @dorkdozier! 2NE1 where u at! Ke seoul dengan ghettoblasterz! Listendeep dengan @djammo @iamwil @dorkdozier! 2NE1 dimana kalian!   *NOTE: DJ POET took part in the making process of 2NE1’s upcoming US Album. He was also featured in 2NE1TV S2 along with Will.I.Am. He is accompanying … Continue reading