(Photo) Minzy at Creator’s Project Backstage [BTS]

Backstage at #creatorsproject – with Minzy from 2NE1   Source : arstlouis Instagram via BMAIB via: hershei01@Ygladies.com Reuploaded by 2NE1land

(Article) 2NE1’s Key to Success in the International Music Market

K-Pop idol group 2NE1 took Los Angeles by storm during their concert at the Nokia Theater. It was clearly apparent that the fans who were present at the concert were a group of people with various different cultural backgrounds. Even though a significant number of fans couldn’t speak Korean, they knew most of the lyrics … Continue reading

(News) 2NE1 Excites 7,000 Fans at First US Concert

2NE1 held its first exclusive concert in New Jersey. On August 17, 2NE1 continued its global tour New Evolution concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. To see the concert, fans arrived early and overcrowded the area, showing a lot of interest and attention for the group. Due to a system error, the concert started … Continue reading

(Article) New York Times – Korean Pop’s Singular Mélange

NEWARK — They waited patiently, several thousand of them, outside the Prudential Center here on Friday night. They were mostly young, a combination of futuristic cool and slightly awkward. The more extravagantly attired were beyond mere extravagance: shiny clothes in bold contrasting prints, hair dyed in colors known to no rainbow. They were K-pop fans, … Continue reading

(Video) Message from Fans at 2NE1′s “New Evolution” Concert in New Jersey

Credit: Kpop Starz via: OhDara Reshared by 2NE1land

(Photo) Park Bom Poses With A Lucky Fan While Out And About NY

Source: JonasennC via: WeLoveBom Reuploaded by 2NE1land

(Article) What Impression Did the 2NE1 Concert Leave Americans with?

As K-Pop begins to spread worldwide, the biggest question so far is, how will Americans perceive K-Pop. It’s true that the American music industry is possibly the most intimidating and the most difficult to approach and get into. Despite the fact that 2NE1 is such a big girl group and one of the key bands that represent … Continue reading

(Article) 2NE1 Music, Why Do Americans Like It Too?

On Saturday, 2NE1 started off their U.S. leg of their world tour “New Evolution” at New Jersey’s Prudential Center. 2NE1 is the first girl group to have a world tour and a solo concert in America. Though the tickets did not sell out, they filled most of the 20,000-seat venue. What was most impressive was that half … Continue reading

(Photos) Blackjacks Line up for the “New Evolution” NJ Concert @ Prudential Center

Source: Jenni@YGLadies, @PruCenter, @Sharon__Aguilar, @kpopstarz, darcepti0n, behgobehgo via: YGLadies.com Reuploaded by 2NE1land

(Info) 2NE1 to hold an Exclusive Facebook Live Q&A on August 22, 5:00pm – 5:45pm (PDT)

[2NE1’s Facebook Live Q&A] 2NE1 will be on Facebook for an exclusive live Q&A on August 22, 5:00pm until 5:45pm (PDT) at 2NE1′s Facebook & Facebook Live (http://apps.facebook.com/facebooklive) 2NE1 will be the FIRST Asian singer to visit Facebook HQ and having a live Facebook chat with all fans worldwide! It is the time for all … Continue reading

@Jeff__Benjamin: “#Blackjacks did I mention I will be interviewing 2NE1…”

      Blackjacks be sure to tweet him your questions!   Jeff Benjamin is an “intelligent Pop Music Fan. Freelance Journalist (@billboard @rollingstone @ycontributor @allkpop) Singer, DJ, Photographer. NYU Grad. J.Benjamin.094@GMail.com.” Jeff Benjamin adalah Fans musik pop cerdas. Wartawan Freelance (@billboard @rollingstone @ycontributor @allkpop) Penyanyi, DJ, Fotografer. NYU Grad. J.Benjamin.094 @ GMail.com. “   … Continue reading

@mtvkofficial: “Blackjacks, send us your questions for 2NE1″

  Just tweet questions to @mtvkofficial or use the #mtvk2ne1 hashtag, with your Name and Location, and you could have your questions answered by 2NE1!   Source: MTV K’s Twitter Reposted by staff@ygladies.com Reshared by 2NE1land

@ygent_official: 2NE1 Special Fan Event + Bom @Psy’s Summer Stand Concert

Source: YG Ent’s Twitter, 2NE1′s Facebook, & Psy’s Facebook Reposted by staff@ygladies.com Reshared by 2NE1land

(News) 2NE1 and Blackjacks special handshake event

At 2NE1′s goodbye stage for Inkigayo, 2NE1 had a special fan event with the Blackjacks and had a special handshake event! Almost ready to start its New Evolution global tour, 2NE1 wrapped up Korean promotions for I Love You, but made sure to thank fans before doing so. On August 12, Sandara Park posted on her me2day saying, … Continue reading

@GlobalBlackjack: “I live for Blackjacks”:

They are always there supporting us! I live for Blackjacks kkkkkk! #From2NE1ILoveYou #Bom #GlobalBlackjack Mereka selalu ada mendukung kami! Aku hidup untuk Blackjacks kkkkkk! #From2NE1ILoveYou #Bom #GlobalBlackjack     source: @GLOBLACKJACK’s twitter via: YGLadies.com Indo trans: 2NE1Land

@GlobalBlackjack:”@mingkki21 Blackjacks are so loveable so I can’t help but love them!”

@mingkki21 Blackjacks are so loveable so I can’t help but love them!#From2NE1ILoveYou #Minzy#GlobalBlackjack @mingkki21 Blackjacks begitu memikat sehingga aku tidak bisa tidak mencintai mereka! #From2NE1ILoveYou #Minzy#GlobalBlackjack     Source: Global Blackjack’s Twitter via: YGLadies.com Indo trans: 2NE1land

GLOBAL BLACKJACK: “I don’t need a reason to love! Kya~”

I don’t need a reason to love! Kya~ #From2NE1ILoveYou #Dara #GlobalBlackjack Aku tidak perlu alasan untuk mencintai! Kya~ #From2NE1ILoveYou #Dara #GlobalBlackjack   source: @GlobalBlackjack via: YGLadies.com Indo trans: 2NE1land

GLOBAL BLACKJACK: “This was the first fan meeting between 2NE1 and Blackjacks?!?”

#2NE1TODAY Here is a picture of the unforgettable ‘After Meeting’ after the 2NE1’s Concert~!!! This was the first fan meeting between 2NE1 and Blackjacks?!? Though it wasn’t an official fan meeting, ^_^ I enjoyed every minute with the fans!!! The meeting was kind of short and, the blackjacks were a bit shy, so we were afraid … Continue reading

GLOBAL BLACKJACK: “Love is unconditional!”

Love is unconditional! #From2NE1ILoveYou#CL#GlobalBlackjack Cinta adalah tanpa syarat! #From2NE1ILoveYou#CL#GlobalBlackjack source: @GlobalBlackjack via: YGLadies.com Indo trans: 2NE1land

@TREE_PLANET: “The fans have donated 1, 210 mango trees”

The fans have donated 1, 210 mango trees which will be planted at South Sudan, Africa on behalf of 2NE1. Tree Planet went on-site at the concert to set up the mango wreaths! They’re pretty right?!? Para fans telah menyumbangkan 1, 210 pohon mangga yang akan ditanam di Sudan Selatan, Afrika atas nama 2NE1. Tree … Continue reading