(News) 2NE1′s “I Love You” Among the Most Long Lasting Songs of 2012 on the ‘Melon Top 50′ charts

  Music site Melon reviewed 290 hit songs that were released from January 2012 to November 2012 and took a look at how long each song had stayed on their Top 50 list. Recall that Melon is South Korea’s largest online music retailer. Because K-pop moves so quickly, multiple songs are released on a daily basis. As … Continue reading

(Info) 2NE1 nominated for Style Icon Awards 2012! Get your votes in and win some great prizes

Who will be the 2012 style icon to move you? Select 10 stars out of the 50 who made 2012 shine and click vote below!- Global Mnet.com members must login to vote- You may vote only once per day, choosing 10 stars at once. Please click here to vote: http://global.mnet.com/SIA2012/Poll Event period: 2012.9.21 ~ / … Continue reading

(News) PSY-GD-2NE1, YG Entertainment’s Triple Threat

YG Entertainment and its prowess is growing every day. As Psy’s “Gangnam Style” music video surpassed the 60 million views on YouTube, Big Bang G-Dragon’s new single, “One of a Kind,” was also released on August 25, now recording 6.4 million views in a matter of 3 days. Justin Bieber’s management company recently reached out … Continue reading

(Photo) 2NE1, Big Bang, Gummy and Se7en’s Flowers for Seungri’s Solo Fan-Meeting in Japan

Source: @vivienebb via: OhDara Reuploaded by 2NE1land

(Video) Mnet WIDE picks GD and CL as the no. 1 Strongest Idol Unit Lineup

Note: In this video, the MCs refer to GDCL as “NyongEl” which is how people refer to the pair in Korea. Nyong is one of GD’s nicknames and ‘El’ comes from ‘CiEl (CL)’ Source: Mnet Cut and uploaded by CLtheBaddestFemale.com Reshared by 2NE1land

Ryan Seacrest’s Blog – “The Hottest K-Pop Songs! (Videos)”

K-pop is super hot! If you haven’t seen a K-pop music video yet, you haven’t lived! K-pop, short for Korean pop, is a music genre that consists of electronic, hip-hop, and dance from South Korea. The music videos are very colorful and pretty bizarre for most American viewers. The music has a catchy beat, unique scenery, and … Continue reading

(Photo) 2NE1 New Evolution in Japan and Big Bang Alive Tour in Japan Promotional Truck

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(Interview) Redd Kross’s Jeff McDonald On “Familiaritus,” Why 2NE1 Are The New Ronettes, And How Survivor Is Like Being In A Band

Who are some of your favorite girl groups? You know, it’s weird, right now girl groups have made a huge resurgence via the Kpop scene, you know the Korean pop scene? A lot of the Kpop stuff is bad and I don’t really like it. But the good stuff is always done by girls. Right … Continue reading

(Info) Jay Park talks about 2NE1 in his recent interview with Soompi

Q. We know your tastes run more to rap and R&B, but are there any K-Pop songs you’ve been listening to lately? A. I like 2NE1 and BIGBANG’s music. I like Tiger JK’s music, I like Tasha’s music, Dynamic Duo, Dok2, The Quiett… it’s all just, it’s mostly rap, hip-hop, and R&B. P. Kita tahu … Continue reading

(Photo) G-Dragon Backstage at 2NE1 “New Evolution” Concert

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(Photo) 2NE1 Spotted at Psy’s Comeback Teaser on SBS Inkigayo

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(Info) CL and G-Dragon chosen as idols who would wear unique clothing to…

Meanwhile, when asked about idols who would wear unique clothing to an interview at a large company, those with strong personalities BIGBANG’s G-Dragon (38.8%, 245 votes) and 2NE1′s CL (25.5%, 163 votes) topped at 1st and 2nd. Sementara itu, ketika ditanya tentang para idola yang akan mengenakan pakaian dengan unik untuk wawancara di sebuah perusahaan … Continue reading

(News) Who is the best dancer among idol stars?

Who is the best dancer among idol stars? The best 4 dancers among idol stars were unveiled in the June 26 episode of MBC Mucis’s Show Champion. The show did a survey, over the last month, asking choreography teams, “Who is the best dancer among idol stars?” As a result, Big Bang’s Taeyang, Jay Park, Kahi, … Continue reading

(News) YG Entertainment and Cheil Industries to launch global fashion line

YG Entertainment and Samsung‘s Cheil Industries have joined hands to create a global fashion line. YG CEO Yang Hyuk Suk is reported to have signed a contract with Cheil on June 28th. There’s a lot of anticipation as the two companies will be combining their “DNA” for a variety of experimental projects. The fashion line is … Continue reading

(News) The Best Of the Best Idols Chosen By 100 K-Pop Idols

Recently, Sports Korea conducted a survey for their 27th anniversary. The survey was titled, “The K-Pop Idols of 2012…We Ask 100 Idols.” Sports Korea asked currently active 100 idols in the following categories: Best Vocals, Best Looks, Best Body, Best Acting Idol, Best Variety Program Idol, Post-Lee Hyori/Post-Rain, Best Representative of K-Pop, Best Performers, and … Continue reading

(Photo) Big Bang and 2NE1 featured in an English Language Textbook

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(Videos) 15th Anniversary YG Family Concert DVD – Making Film [ENG SUB]

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(Info) YG Entertainment Opens Weibo Accounts for 2NE1, Big Bang, and Se7en!

2NE1′s weibo – weibo.com/2NE1asia Big Bang’s weibo – weibo.com/BIGBANGasia Se7en’s weibo – weibo.com/SE7ENasia The “v” beside their account names is the ‘Weibo Verified’ authentication logo. Weibo is a large Chinese social networking site with over hundreds of millions of users. “v” di sebelah nama akun mereka adalah logo otentikasi ‘Weibo Verified. Weibo adalah situs jejaring sosial … Continue reading

(Video) 2NE1′s “Fire” in “Top 20 Best K-Pop Debut Songs Chosen by Netizens”!

Full list of the artists and their sings below: 1. SHINee – Replay 2. EXO – MAMA 3. 2NE1 – Fire 4. BAP – Warrior 5. Ailee – Heaven 6. INFINITE – Come Back Again 7. SNSD – Into The New World 8. Miss A – Bad Girl Good Girl 9. CNBLUE – I’m a … Continue reading