(Video) Dara in Nikon 1 J2 Photo Movie: Candy Man [CF] [Proposal styles Dara will fall for]

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(Video/Caps) Dara in Nikon 1 J2 Photo Movie Teaser

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(Video) Dara in STYLE by STYLE CF for NIKON1 J2 Style Up [CF]

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(Video) 2NE1 Promo Clip for ‘K-pop Collection in Okinawa’

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(Videos) Mnet’s “Danny From LA” Episode 1 with 2NE1

The girls of 2NE1 get a surprise visit from Danny at their photo shoot with fashion extraordinaire Jeremy Scott! Watch as Danny chills with the girls and chats with Mr. Scott himself. Danny drops by 2NE1′s photo shoot with Jeremy Scott AND eats GOGI with them! Watch them spend some quality time together while bonding … Continue reading

(Video) Mnet’s Hello Pop! “LTK! 2NE1 New Revolution Concert”:

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(Videos) 2NE1′s “I Love You” MV + Making Of + Vacation in the Philippines

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(Video) 2NE1 for Vibe TV

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(Video) HELLO POP! – OMG Experience: 2NE1

Mnet and Koreaboo held a 2NE1 cover contest where winner, Fei Ho, got to spend an entire day with 1TYM’s Danny and meet 2NE1 at its Los Angeles concert. Danny personally picked Fei Ho from the airport and even treated her out to a meal before heading off to 2NE1’s New Evolution concert on August … Continue reading

(Video) K-Pop: Korean girl band 2NE1on how the band was formed

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(Video) 2NE1 on MNET America ‘Danny From L.A.’ Promo

*NOTE: Danny is the youngest member of 1TYM. 1TYM is a 4 member-ed hip hop group under YG. Members are: BaekKyoung,Danny,Jinhwan & Teddy.   Source: MNETAmerica@youtube.com via: YGLadies.com Reshared by 2NE1land

(Video) Psy w/ Park Bom – “What Should Have Been” @ Psy’s Summer Stand Concert [Live]

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(Video) 2NE1 & Jeremy Scott – Mnet America’s Danny from LA

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(Video) Korean rapper San-E mentions Dara on GuruPop Show with MBLAQ

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(Video) 2NE1 – I LOVE YOU as BGM for Maybelline ‘Volume Express Magnum Cat Eyes Waterproof Mascara’ CM [CF]

NOTE: 2NE1’s I Love You Jpn version is the CM’s Campaign Song as per announced by YGEX   Source: MaybellineNYJapan Reposted by: zeelisious@YGLadies.com Reshared by 2NE1land

(Video) 2NE1 @ Mezamashi Live

IATB (JP) + TALK + FIRE (KR) + CAN’T NOBODY (KR) + SCREAM + TALK + I LOVE YOU (JP)   Talk 1 (3:35~) CL: Wassup, we 2NE1! CL: I’m CL of 2NE1! Bom: I’m Bom of 2NE1! (Note: Bom lost her voice at this time so you can see how she can barely speak … Continue reading

(Video) 2NE1 Japanese New Evolution Promo Video

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(Video) 2NE1 – Adidas CF Shoot [BTS]

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(Video) 2NE1 Visit Pitchfork [News]

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(Video) Entertainment Storm: K-Pop group 2NE1’s 1st US Concert Tour [News]

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