(Videos) 2NE1 Special on Space Show TV

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(Caps) Bom @ KPOPSTAR

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(Video) 2NE1 on “TV Ru MUSIC”: TV Asahi

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(Interview) 2NE1 on Space Shower TV for “2NE1 SPECIAL”

Q: What is your favorite music genre? Dara: ‘I like Pop Artists like J.Lo and Britney Spears. ‘Bom: I listen to Mariah Carey and Beyonce a lot. Minzy: I like Michael Jackson. CL: My father likes Rock music, we used to listen to Queen. Even now..we listen to it a lot! P: Apa aliran musik … Continue reading

(Video) K-Pop Star – Park Bom (Cut)

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(Caps) 2NE1 on Space Shower TV for “2NE1 SPECIAL”

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(Videos) “2NE1 SPECIAL” on Space Shower TV, Our girls speaking ENGLISH

*Note: Bom was missing from the YG Girls’ Meeting event, because she was ill during that time. *Note: Bom tidak ada di acara YG Girls’ Meeting, karena dia sakit saat itu.   Credit: ki30ri @ Youtube Re-uploaded by: MzKyu@YGladies Re-shared by 2NE1land

(Photos) 2NE1 @ SBS Strong Heart Recording

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(Caps) 2NE1 on Reco Hits

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(Videos) 2NE1 @ Reco Hits Japan

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2NE1 performed GO AWAY on Mezamashi TV