(Translations) Park Bom essay excerpts from 2NE1′s Photo Essay Book “What’s Up? We’re 2NE1!”

  “I want ice cream that will bring me love.” -Bom “Are we really eating this?” “You mean are we allowed to?” “Yes.” ”Of course we are. We just only need to run and burn them away.” “I… don’t think we have time to work out.” ”Well, then, since we are in the middle of the photoshoot, … Continue reading

(Photo/Trans) 2NE1 Handwritten Messages for ‘New Evolution World Tour’ on Melon

CL: Nolza!!! CL: Nolza!!!   Dara: 2 NEW EVOLUTION 1! All of you must come to our concert alright~!!! ^.^ Everyone will be happy and have a fun time playing with us!!! Jjang~!!!! Dara: 2 NEW EVOLUTION 1! Kalian semua harus datang ke konser kami oke~!!! ^.^ Setiap orang akan bahagia dan bersenang-senang bermain dengan kami!!! … Continue reading

(Trans) Part 1 Of 2NE1′s Me2 Star Chart – Talking About Food And Fans

Bom: Hello? Dara: Where’s CL-roo ㅠㅠ♥♥ Fan: Is this really starting? Bom: Yes Fan: This feels like a dream. ㅜㅜ Dara: Start! Fan: Yes Ha ha But why did the chatting start late?? ㅠㅠ Fan: Did all the unnies eat already?? Fan: Wa~~ Nice to meet you Dara~ Fan: Oh! Dara: I’m hungry Ke Bom: Sorry Bom: … Continue reading