(Videos) Mnet’s “Danny From LA” Episode 1 with 2NE1

The girls of 2NE1 get a surprise visit from Danny at their photo shoot with fashion extraordinaire Jeremy Scott! Watch as Danny chills with the girls and chats with Mr. Scott himself. Danny drops by 2NE1′s photo shoot with Jeremy Scott AND eats GOGI with them! Watch them spend some quality time together while bonding … Continue reading

(Video) 2NE1 & Jeremy Scott – Mnet America’s Danny from LA

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(Videos) 2NE1 Special on Space Show TV

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(Video) 2NE1 on Shabekuri007 Part 2 [Show]

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(Video) 2NE1 @ LOVELESS X MCM Launch Party (Fashion TV Coverage)

2NE1 appears @ 8:23 CL: So many people are here today! We saw these products for the first time today and they are really pretty. We each have an item, and you can only buy them here in Japan, so we are happy that we got to see them. Dara: I use bags in this … Continue reading

(Caps) 2NE1 in Happy Music Japan!

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(Videos) 2NE1 in Happy Music Japan!

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(Videos) 2NE1 on Strong Heart “YG Special” Part 2

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(Videos) 2NE1 on Strong Heart “YG Special” Part 1

FULL EPISODE (TUDOU LINK) Here Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 (Dara’s Dancing cut) Part 6 Source: happyrichlifebbxxx @YT | DCpinkMIC@YT | 看TV吧@Tudou Credits: CLTheBaddestFemale via YGLadies.com Re-shared by 2NE1land

(Photos) 2NE1 @ SBS Strong Heart ‘YG Family Special’ (HD)

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(Show) 2NE1@ ‘Music on Saturday’

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(Videos) 2NE1 @ Reco Hits Japan

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(Show) ‘Gekken 2NE1’ on Japan’s MUSIC ON! TV

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 source: spice-candy@tumblr.com || spice@twitvid via: YGLadies.com