(Predebut Photos) Cute Little Dara!

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(Photos) Dougie updates with adorable baby pictures of Minzy!

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DARA: “Kya~Living as a trainee in South Korea…!Cold and Hungry”

Kya~Living as a trainee in South Korea…!Cold and HungryㅋYoung DaraㅋㅋThen I thought that after debuting, there wouldn’t be hardships~Now that our 3rd anniversary is coming up I feel this! Whenever we prepare a new album I need to work even harder~!+.+It’s fun though because of you! Blackjacks are my energy drink! Embarassingㅋ TAG: Throwing out … Continue reading

(Photos) An Old Photos of the Goddess Dara!

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(News) 2NE1’s Park Bom Looks Naturally Beautiful in Latest Trainee Days Photo

Another photo of 2NE1’s Park Bom from her trainee days has made it to the Web recently. The photo titled “Park Bom’s past, with her vocal trainer” was posted on an online community board, stirring more controversy over the star singer’s “natural born” beauty. In this photo, Park Bom looks very close to her current self. … Continue reading

(Photo) Master Hwangssabu Uploads PreDebut Photos of Dara

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(Predebut Photo) Photo of Baby Bom

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(Photos) Dara and Mommy Park [Predebut Photos]

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(News) Dara’s Past Photos

These photos of girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park were uploaded onto a certain online community board. The pictures are captures from a past Philippine program. The past photos show her oval face that has no differences from her current appearance, proving she was born beautiful. Netizens have commented “Wow this must be when she was … Continue reading

(Videos) Park Taeyang “Chaos” and Park Bom kissing

  cr: uploader video by 2NE1land

(News) Park Taeyang and Park Bom kiss caught on camera

A video of a kiss between Park Taeyang, the leader of Chaos, and Park Bom of 2NE1 from six years ago has surfaced on YouTube and has belatedly become a hot topic. The kiss between the two actually took place for an MV shoot for Jieun, a YG female rookie solo artist at the time; … Continue reading

[News] A photo of CL and Lee Hyori from 7 years ago has gained attention from netizens

Singer Lee Hyori and 2NE1′s CL photo from the past. Recently, an online community message board uploaded a photo of CL and Lee Hyori from the past with the title, ‘ Lee Hyori with her arm around young CL’s shoulders from 7 years ago’ which attracted the attention of netizens. In the photo, CL was … Continue reading

(Photos/Predebut) Park Bom @ Kim Ji Eun’s “Tell Me Once More” MV Making!

Source: Park Bom Daum Cafe via wunanni See more BTS photos here: http://wp.me/p1sH1L-1c6 via: WeLoveBom

[PREDEBUT] Clear Minzy Class Photos!

Source: As tagged via DCmyminzy@Twitter via: YGLadies.com NOTE: Aside from the new pictre, these are the clearer versions of these pictures found here.

Dara sebelum debut (Pre-debut photos)

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