(Video) K-Pop: Korean girl band 2NE1on how the band was formed

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(Videos) 2NE1 on “Facebook Live” Chat

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(Video) 2NE1 NY interview

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(News) will.i.am Confirms Collaboration With 2NE1 In His New Album ‘willpower’

Will.I.Am recently confirmed that he will be collaborating with 2NE1 in his new album, “willpower.” In a 22 second clip, will.i.am was interviewed at the #willpower Album Wrap Party in Los Angeles, California where he expressed his excitement in working with 2NE1 and said his goal was to “Bring a little Asia over here to … Continue reading

(Interview) Redd Kross’s Jeff McDonald On “Familiaritus,” Why 2NE1 Are The New Ronettes, And How Survivor Is Like Being In A Band

Who are some of your favorite girl groups? You know, it’s weird, right now girl groups have made a huge resurgence via the Kpop scene, you know the Korean pop scene? A lot of the Kpop stuff is bad and I don’t really like it. But the good stuff is always done by girls. Right … Continue reading

(Info) Jay Park talks about 2NE1 in his recent interview with Soompi

Q. We know your tastes run more to rap and R&B, but are there any K-Pop songs you’ve been listening to lately? A. I like 2NE1 and BIGBANG’s music. I like Tiger JK’s music, I like Tasha’s music, Dynamic Duo, Dok2, The Quiett… it’s all just, it’s mostly rap, hip-hop, and R&B. P. Kita tahu … Continue reading

(Interview) W Korea – 2NE1 With Blockbuster World Tour: World Invasion

Your newest single, “I Love You,” contains a trot melody and style, which was sure to be a new challenge for you. Being a new style, it must surely have been fun while working at it. CL: It was already a challenge when we positioned to record it. Singing trot is not something we are … Continue reading

(Interview) Dara Bares A Part Of Her Soul For First Look Magazine Interview – A Look Inside Her Personality

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(Video) Music Director and Bassist Divinity Roxx talks about 2NE1 and New Evolution Tour

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(Interview) 2NE1 in 1st Look Magazine

Q: Comeback song “I Love You” is an electro-pop song. Between personal feelings and giving the public a new type of feel, which type of feelings are more meaningful after trying out this new genre? CL: I like meaningful things, but both feelings are important for a singer. Dara: I also felt that no matter what, I’m … Continue reading

(Video) “I LOVE YOU” Promo Interview

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(Translation) Me2Day Star Chat with 2NE1

Fan: Who’s parrot was that? Bom: Some trainer of someone we don’t know. Fan: CL noona, do you like hip hop? CL: Yes Fan: Do you have a boyfriend? Dara: No I told you already! Fan: Bom I think you would have one. Bom: I don’t — Introduce me to one. Bom: My ideal type … Continue reading

(Videos) 2NE1 at SBS Inkigayo [Live performance+Interview]

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(Interview) The 1st girl group in the nation to go on a world tour ’2NE1′

Girl group 2NE1 has just released their single “I Love You” on the 5th, which is currently dominating music charts. 2NE1 will also be releasing a new single within the next three weeks and the English and Japanese versions are also expected to hit the global market. All the songs from the mini-album that they … Continue reading

(Interview) 2NE1, “We will never stop reinventing ourselves”

2NE1 has always been a daring group. Whether it be their visual aesthetics to their musical colors, the four ladies have been unstoppable when it comes to pushing boundaries, meriting fashion and music to produce their own style. Just over three years ago, the girls were introduced to the music scene at a time where the … Continue reading

(Video) CL & Lee Dong Wook – Interview on SBS One Night TV Entertainment [Eng sub]

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(Video) Blackjacks Interviewed at Cannes Lions Festival

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(News) Former Actor Hero Angeles confesses, Sandara’s departure cost him his career

  His slow decline from stardom started when his former on-screen partner Sandara Park returned to her native Korea to start her own career, former actor Hero Angeles said. Even during their more celebrated times as a love team, constant quarrels plagued their relationship off-cam, forcing them to put on affection for their throngs of … Continue reading

(Video/Caps) Sungha Jung says he wants to work with 2NE1 and Big Bang in the future

At around at 2:22 ^^ Sungha Jung a South Korean professional acoustic finger-style guitarist who has risen to fame on YouTube and other sites. His Youtube account is the most subscribed in South Korea and his is known for doing amazing covers, including this one and this one of 2NE1 songs. Sungha Jung adalah seorang gitaris akustik professional di Korea Selatan yang telah menaiki ketenarannya di YouTube dan … Continue reading

(Info) Park Ji Min Mentions Park Bom on Her Interview with Elle Korea

ELLE: During the broadcast (SBS K-Pop Star), you met a lot of celebrities. Among all of them, can you name the artist whom you were so excited to meet? Park Ji Min: Park Bom unnie. I have always liked her songs.  I can’t also miss GD & TOP oppas.  Jung Jun Ha ahjussi is  so … Continue reading