(GIFs) 2NE1′s NEW EVOLUTION 1st World Tour Promo Message

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(GIFs) 2NE1 for Nikon Coolpix (P310,S3300,S4300,S9200)

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(GIFs) The Many Sides of Lee Chaerin Part 2

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(GIFs) The Many Sides of Lee Chaerin

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(GIFs) YG Family @ Strong Heart Part 2

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[GIFS] 2NE1 in Philippines from Collection Album

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[GIFS] 2NE1 – Strong Heart Part 1

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(GIFs) 2NE1 X Will.I.am for Intel

“CL’s just… She’s just too cool. Her style, her fashion. Her personality.” -Will.i.am “CL hanya… Dia hanya sangat keren. Gayanya, Fashionnya. Kepribadiannya.” -Will.i.am “One day, like, Teddy hooked us all up and was like let’s, you know, try and record a song together. And that’s how we actually got together. We were all preparing for … Continue reading


1) Bom’s glorious voice 2) Bom’s Rainbow personality (with a bit of Black and white) 3) Bom’s unique aegyo 4) Bom’s corn obsession …..actually…Bom’s obsession with all things food… 5) Bom’s adorable smile 6) Bom’s perfect legs 7) Bom’s armpits (aren’t they flawless?) 8) Bom’s alien friends (she even waves at them!) 9) Cute and … Continue reading

(GIFs) YG Family Special Preview Part 1

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[GIFS] Dara with SHINee – Etude House CF Making

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[GIFS] 2NE1 @ Reco Hits Japan

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[Gifs] CL, why are you so cute?! (Reco Hits)

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[GIFS] Dara Me2day Video Update

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[GIFS] Dara & Minho (SHINee) Kiss Note CF Part 4 End

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[GIFS] 2NE1 – Scream PV Short Version

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(Caps/GIFs) Dara and SHINee’s “Kiss Note” Teaser (30 Secs)

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[GIFS] Dara – Etude’s Skin Malgem CF

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[GIF] What do you think about 2NE1?

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