(FanAccount) A Fan Shares Her Experience of Meeting 2NE1 At Nice Airport, France

 I was at nice airport tonight and I walk next to bommie I talked to her and she signed my book !! I still can’t believe it. she’s indeed a goddess, and her voice, OMG, when she accepted to sign my book, her voice. Her skin is really white, she smell nice, her voice is so … Continue reading

[STALKER] 120201 2NE1 @ The Resorts World

I saw Sandara Parks and 2NE1 girls here in Resorts World. Coooool! QUOTE I’m not a fan but they are indeed beautiful! Here’s another picture in Resorts World to all 2NE1 fans. QUOTE I think I’ll answer all your questions in general. There’s a camera all over Resorts World now so maybe a photoshoot. I … Continue reading

(Photo/Fan Account) 120129 Dara and Minzy Arrive in Korea from Japan

Earlier today, Dara and Minzy both arrived at Gimpo International Airport (Seoul) from Haneda International Airport (Japan).  As usual, Korean Blackjacks were waiting for their arrival at the airport. Much to their amazement, Dara handed out four (I am not so sure) sandwiches from Japan with a message to the Korean Blackjacks waiting at the … Continue reading

(Fanaccount) Dara Gives Away Her YG Fam Con Towel To A Lucky Fan!

Yesterday, as we all know, Dara, Minzy, CL, and Big Bang arrived in Korea from Japan (Bom followed, she arrived yesterday evening). Like usual, fans waited for them at the airport. Before she left, when Dara got into the van, she rolled down her window, and handed out her YG Family Concert in Japan towel … Continue reading

Member of NSG star, @gegeNSGSTAR like 2ne1 and bigbang? (Eng + indo trans)

Okay, this is admin story. I not really like indonesian boyband *im sorry if I offended anyone* Honest (I am not lying), i prefer NSG star than any boyband from indonesia. Why? because they still show indonesia culture. I like that. Not like others boyband. ======================================== Oke, ini adalah cerita admin. Aku tidak terlalu menyukai … Continue reading

Twitter/Photo: Dara In A Shoot? December

(English + indo trans) “With Dara in the middle, click!” dengan dara di tengah, click! Credit: @code07lim via: Oh-Dara

[FANACCOUNT] 111214 Park Bom @ Incheon Airport

At Incheon Airport when 2NE1 just arrived from NYC, an incident happened. A fan got squeezed among the crowd and nearly tripped. Bom thought it was her manager blocking. That’s why immediately after that, Bom shouted at her manager ”Why did you push? Don’t push!!”. But it was only a misunderstanding because the manager really did … Continue reading

2NE1 in NYC : Fan Account (Just english trans)

hmcity: Yes, I was there. T~T And omg was it cold. I got there around 1:20pm and had to walk all around the block to find the end of the line… around 2:20pm we were told that the venue reached capacity and to come back in an hour and form a new line. I was … Continue reading

(FANACCOUNT) A fan met CL in New york

Today I had a Mandarin Field tripe to New York.. Part of the field trip was going to the MET.. we had a optional worksheet to do while there.. but our group ignored it.. it was the only piece of paper i had on me. While getting ready to leave.. i was looking around a … Continue reading

[FANACCOUNT] 111208 The Day I met 2/4 from the girls of 2NE1

(just english trans. im sorry 😦 ) Today ” December 8, 2011 ” I went to SoHo with my friend DJ to look around for things that i was going to buy my mom before going back home to georgia. Me and DJ ended up in Express because he wanted to buy some gloves, sadly … Continue reading