(Audio) Aziatix’s Flowsik Mentions Dara On “Love Sick For Flowsik”

Around 17:15 We all know you’re head over heels for Sandara from 2NE1, what will you do if she asks you for a date and where will you take her? If Sandara asks me on a date, where would I take her to? Hmmm. Well, right now, we’re in Korea, and I still don’t know … Continue reading

(Audio) 2NE1 at Mezamashi Live!

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(Audio) Flowsik, “I’m Number One Sandara Fanboy”

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(Audio) CL’s Cass Light Radio Advert 1 [Eng sub]

  NOTE: CL is leaving a voicemail for one of her unnies in this advert! ^^ via: CTBF Reshared by 2NE1land  

(Audio) 2NE1 “I Love You” (Official Acapella and Instrumental)

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(Audio/Lyrics) 2NE1 – I Love You

(A: Teddy|C: Teddy & Lydia Paek|L: Teddy) [TRANSLATION] CL When you feel like there’s no way out Love is the only way MINJI Please only be good to me Please only ever smile for me CL I said oooh, don’t make me jealous Oooh, don’t make me obsess over you MINJI I’m still afraid to … Continue reading

(Audio) 2NE1- Mai’s Asian Wave Radio

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(Audio) ‘What’s Up We’re 2NE1’ #6 Dara” on FM YOKOHAMA ‘K-Pop Now!’ [Radio]

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(Audio) “What’s Up We’re 2NE1″ #7: About MINZY [++Trans]

2NE1: Hello, What’s Up We 2NE1! CL: Minji-chan, we are going to talk about you today! Minzy : Whooo! CL: Are you ready for this? Minzy: I’m ready. CL: Are you alright? <laughs> Minzy: I’m okay. CL: Bom-chan, what kind of person is Minzy? Bom: Minzy is a very open minded person CL: Minzy, you … Continue reading

CYBERJAPAN (@cyberjapantv): “Mitomi Tokoto 2012 Remix of 2ne1′s Can’t Nobody (Eng)”

Exclusive 2012 Remix of 2NE1 by MITOMI TOKOTO. 2NE1 “CANT NOBODY” MITOMI TOKOTO 2012 REMIX! A quick remix of 2NE1 made in 4hours for my DJ! Hope 2NE1 fans will like it! See you on the Dancefloor!! ; ) Remix 2012 khusus 2NE1 karya MITOMI TOKOTO. “CANT NOBODY” 2NE1 REMIX MITOMI TOKOTO 2012! Sebuah remix … Continue reading

(Audio) FM YOKOHAMA ‘K-Pop Now!’, About Minzy [Radio]

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(Audio) Will.i.am feat 2NE1 – Take the World on (Instrument Version)

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click the link below to watch http://www.twitvid.com/H3HTA Translations PART 1 http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hdfidu PART 2 http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hdfmm8 PART 3 http://www.twitlonger.com/show/hdfu3r     Credits: 꽐라 @Twitvid via: @LP2NE1 Translated by: ilove2NE1girls@2NE1GLOBAL/WORLDWIDEBLACKJACKS Reshared by 2NE1land

(Audio) FM YOKOHAMA ‘K-Pop Now!’ [Radio]

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(Audio) FM YOKOHAMA ‘K-Pop Now!’

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(Audio) 2NE1 – 2011 YG Family Concert Live CD (LQ Previews)

2NE1 – Fire (Live) 2NE1 – Can’t Nobody (Live) 2NE1 – Go Away (Live) JinuSean ft. Dara – Tell Me (Live) Tablo ft. Bom – Bad (Live) GD&TOP ft. CL&MINZY – Oh Yeah (Live) 2NE1 – I Am The Best (Live) 2NE1 ft. Gummy – Ugly (Live) Source: iTunes previews via: crazyxcami@YGLadies.com Reshared by 2NE1land

(Audio) Juni J. from Upcoming Girlgroup EvoL Covers 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’!

  Juni J. is from upcoming girlgroup EvoL (under BNS, Brand New Stardom, Block B’s company) and the track is from her mixtape. Juni J. dari girlgroup yang akan debut EvoL (dibawah BNS, Brand New Stardom, agensi Block B) dan lagu ini untuk mixtape-nya.   Cr: Simputus @ YT via lp2ne1 @ Tumblr via: alexacassie @ WWB Re-shared by … Continue reading

(Audio) FM Yokohama ‘K-POP! Now’ 2NE1 Cut

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(Audio) 2NE1′s “Take The World On!

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(FanAud) 2NE1 vs @mitomitokoto “LONELY 2012” LIVE

MITOMI TOKOTO is the producer of the well known website CYBERJAPAN.TV and also one of the top DJ and Remixer in Japan from David Guetta, Axwell to Koda Kumi, Daishi Dance… As of 2012, MITOMI TOKOTO is the #1 selling Japanese House Music Producer on Beatport with 4 tracks in the Beatport Top100 and 2 … Continue reading