(Style File) Bom, CL & Minzy Spotted in Ashish at the Vega R3 Launching Event

2NE1 has had back to back to back events over the past few days. for which the girls have been sporting a more casual and carefree style, which we adore.  The girls’ charisma and ‘four-color charm’ was gushed about as usual, but we also spotted the girls in a familiar brand.
Known as the England’s King of Sequins, Ashish is quickly becoming a favorite designer of the girls, his losse-fitting sparkly garmets give the girls pizzaze without being too fussy.

Posted Image

Minzy was wearing Ashish’s’ Tie-dye Sequin Biker Jacket over an NYC tank top, available to chic Blackjacks for the ultra -low price of $1430USD at Brown’s Fashion. Whereas CL opted for a less layered look, choosing Ashish’s ‘Somethings Are Not Important’ Tee sans jacket, a steal at $830USD from asos.

Posted Image

Bom on the other hand was a showstopper in head-to-toe Ashish.  Bom paired the Peace-Sign Tankwith the ‘Home Sweet Home’ mini skirt (which may be a re-purposed version of the ‘Home Sweet Home’ shirt from the runway).  If you are in the market for a new serquined tank top, head toasos.com to get this top for $707USD.

Posted Image

Source: polyvore.com and ashish.com

Article by staff@ygladies.com
Reshared by 2NE1land


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