(Video) 2NE1 @ Mezamashi Live



Talk 1 (3:35~)

CL: Wassup, we 2NE1!
CL: I’m CL of 2NE1!
Bom: I’m Bom of 2NE1!
(Note: Bom lost her voice at this time so you can see how she can barely speak T_T)
Dara: I’m the fresh vocal, Dara!
Minji: I’m 2NE1’s youngest, Minji!
CL: Everyone, are you having fun??
CL: Let’s make it more exciting for you all!


Talk 2 (15:15~)

CL: Are you all excited??
CL: I’m really touched by you all today, thankyou so much!
CL: I’m sooooo happy~
CL: Do you know we’re having a tour here in September~?
CL: Is everyone gonna go~?
CL: We’re waiting for you~
CL: And we’re also releasing a single in September~
CL: It’ll be a CM (commercial) song for Maybelline. Do you all know of it~?
CL: What is it~?
(Audience: I LOVE YOU!)
CL: You already know? What is it?
(Audience: I LOVE YOU!)
CL: Would you like to hear it~?
CL: Would you like to hear it??
CL: Shall we go with ‘I Love You’?
CL: Here we go with ‘I Love You’!!



Source: KI34RI@yt

Translated by: aNono@YGLadies.com
Reshared by 2NE1land

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