(Info) Korean rapper ‘Swings’ mentions Dara’s name + ‘IATB’ in his song + more 2NE1 related stuff

Swings mentions Dara’s name and ‘I AM THE BEST’ at the 0:50 mark.

This song is from his album ‘Punchline King III’. He says “I’m the best even though I ride a subcompact car, shamelessly without knowing she’s ‘expensive woman Sandara’….”

Note: Swings or Jonathan Moon is a former member of South Korean hip hop group, UPTOWN. He has collaborated with Jay Park on his song  ‘I’ll be there’ and has done an amazing rendition of 2NE1’s ‘LONELY‘ (He performs it live here). He has also mentioned CL in an old interview back in 2010, he said: “She’s also a really good rapper. She’s so talented and she knows the meaning of style too. I would love to work with any one of these people some time.”

Swings’ rendition of Lonely



Translated by: YGLnyldeabcd

Source: rapper Kim @YT, bigbangupdates, wiki
Reshared by 2NE1land


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