(Article) CL & Minzy’s “Please Don’t Go” Ranked #7 on MTV K’s ‘K-Pop’s Top Seven Unit Group Songs’

Everyone loves a great K-pop sub-group. The atmosphere of a group can radically change when narrowed down to only a few of its members, and it’s always exciting when an agency does it right. It’s like when a successful show gets a great spin-off with characters you already know and love.

Because we love you guys, we combed through official releases by sub-units (not project groups!) of our favorite idols and compiled a list of the best seven. Aren’t we sweet?

CL and Minzy make up the swag half of the fierce foursome that is 2NE1. Equal parts tough and cute, the duo dropped a catchy track that left us waiting for a full album. No, seriously…. where is it, YG?

B.A.P rappers Bang Yong Guk and Zelo were the first two members to make an appearance in late 2011 with “Never Give Up.” Heritage, one of Korea’s more famous gospel groups, makes an audio cameo as the choir in the chorus.

This sub-unit handles the songs that are too cute or fluffy for their main group, After School. Once in a while, though, Orange Caramel cranks out a killer club track like “Bangkok City” that ditches their signature aegyo look and sound for a more sexy image.

04.SISTAR 19 — “MA BOY”
This is another duo we definitely want to hear more from. SISTAR‘s power vocalist Hyorin and adorable rapper Bora teamed up for this sexy R&B track, melting the hearts of male fans everywhere.

Twinkle” may have been TTS’s lead single, but the real gem on their debut mini-album was “OMG,” a big band production number that simply blew the other tracks out of the water. We know these Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun have some of the best vocals in Girls’ Generation, but who knew they were such vocal powerhouses?

“Don’t Go Home” doesn’t get nearly as much attention on GD & TOP’s unit group album as it should. “Knock Out,” “High High” and “Baby Good Night” are all solid tracks, but this one has a cool blend of retro and modern, hip-hop and pop, and it’s silly and sweet.

We’re going to be honest, this Super Junior sub-group is going to have a tough time out-doing “Super Girl.” Not only was it their most critically successful song to date, the chorus gets stuck in your head like superglue.

Source: MTV K
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