(Info) CL’s father to collaborate with CL for a cookbook?

To make a cookbook with CL one day.

A story about food. Looking at neighbouring kitchens and seeing baguettes (French bread) with butter or sandwiches doesn’t sound too flashy but it (can) honestly (be) mouth-watering. Eating croque-monsieur (French-styled ham and cheese sandwich) and drinking coffee at a café are memories he has with his daughter, CL. He, who lives in a 200 year old Korean traditional house in Seoul’s Hyoja-dong, has a deep affection for food and cooking. CL also enjoys taking time out to learn how to cook and make food. So perhaps, his next (book to publish) will be a cookbook. This professor, who has already published more than 10 miscellaneous books, said “It’s time to stop. I’ve already got so many books out there.” Although his next book is (already) being planned. One day, when this professor comes out with “Hyoja-dong Chef”, maybe we can meet a cooking CL in his book.



Source: www.hani.co.kr // DC2NE1′s Gallery
Translation: Caz@CLtheBaddestFemale.com
Reshared by 2NE1land


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