(News/Videos) 2NE1 Collaborates with Youtube Star Jung Sung Ha


2NE1 used its time between world tour concerts for a surprise collaboration.

On August 1, a series of videos showing 2NE1 perform acoustic versions of its hits with the Youtube star Jung Sung Ha were uploaded on Naver’s Tvcast.

The rearrangement of I Love You was especially surprising as it gave off an entirely new vibe after the acoustic guitar sounds took the place of the song′s original blaring electronic sounds, and a performance of Lonely also touched hearts with its emotions.

Jung Sung Ha is a talented guitarist who has gathered more than 300 million views with his guitar videos on Youtube. He has become known for covering many of 2NE1’s songs in his own style.

YG Entertainment, which had seen Jung Sung Ha’s various covers, offered to work together with the guitarist, and he took up the offer immediately as a big fan of Big Bang and 2NE1. The 2NE1 members had a great time asking him to play many songs for them on the spot when they got together for the video, and Jung Sung Ha promptly lived up to his stars’ expectations with many impromptu songs.

2NE1 plans to concentrate on its global tour now that the collaborative video is out. The group launched its global tour New Evolution with concerts in Seoul from July 28-29, and will go on to New Jersey on August 17, L.A. on August 24 and to Japan in September.


Aransemen ulang lagu ‘I Love You’ mengejutkan karena memberikan nuansa baru dalm versi akustik menggantikan musik aslinya dan penampilan atas lagu ‘Lonely’ menyentuh pemirsa dengan emosinya.

Jung Sung Ha adalah gitaris berbakat yang mengumpulkan lebih dari 300 juta penonton dengan video gitarnya di youtube. Dia terkenal pernah meng-cover banyak lagu 2NE1 sebelumnya dengan gayanya sendiri.

YG Entertainment, yang melihat video Jung Sungha, menawarkan untuk bekerja sama dengan gitaris ini dan dia pun langsung setuju karena ia adalah fans 2NE1 dan Big Bang. Member 2NE1 pun menikmati waktu bersamanya dan memintanya memainkan banyak lagu, dan Jung Sung Ha langsung memenuhi permintaan idolanya dengan improvisasi banyak lagu.
Photo credit: YG Entertainment

source: tvcast.naver

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