(Translations) Park Bom essay excerpts from 2NE1′s Photo Essay Book “What’s Up? We’re 2NE1!”


  • “I want ice cream that will bring me love.” -Bom
  • “Are we really eating this?” “You mean are we allowed to?” “Yes.” ”Of course we are. We just only need to run and burn them away.” “I… don’t think we have time to work out.” ”Well, then, since we are in the middle of the photoshoot, let’s just pretend that we are eating.” -Bom and Minzy conversing about icecream
  • “You will be honored because I will show you the proper way to drive!” -Bom (to Minzy while riding the ATV)
  • “I have been waiting for this moment. I’ll show you what the best driver looks like.” – Bom (while driving the ATV)
  • The staff were fretting about Bom during thr ATV shoot because she was “racing like crazy”. The staff wanted her to slow down. But the staff couldn’t stop Bom coz she was way ahead of them! ^_^ Minzy was riding at her back screaming “Yahoooo!”
  • “Bom is usually not bothered by anything but when she feels hungry, she will catch a fish or an animal and cook it for us.” -Dara
  • In Legazpi, CL and Minzy fell into the water while riding a jetski. Dara fetched then will their jetski while Bom swam and got the jetski.
  • “Bom fears nothing and there is nothing she can’t do!” -Dara
  • “I place a lot of meaning on this trip because Dara suggested we wear our bikinis, AND WE DID! Of course, no pictures though.” -Bom
  • “Do you know I am a big fan of orange juice in the Philippines? I want to drink a lot when I get there.” -Bom
  • “We follow whatever Dara recommends.” -Bom
  • “I am a certified skin scuba driver. I have travelled to many islands when I was younger.” -Bom
  • When asked who she would bring from 2ne1 to a deserted island, she didn’t answer because it was tough.
  • She wants her honeymoon to be in the U.S. Bom: “I know the place and there are many attractive and fun spots like Vegas. It’s paradise.”
  • She wants to go to Saipan one day in order to go scuba diving.
  • She wants to include oriental characteristics in her music. She wants fo combine such melody with hip-hop.
  • I learned classical music. My mom also wanted to raise me as a classical musician so I play the flute, harp, piano and cello.
  • She wants to visit Guam.

Credits: WeLoveDara
via: WeLoveBom
Reshared by 2NE1land


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