BADA: “Bom ah Dara yah I’m really happy that you invited me~”

2NE1 Concert. It’s meaningful for a senior to show their support by attending their junior’s concert. There’s so much to learn from our juniors! Bom ah Dara yah I’m really happy that you invited me~ I enjoyed watching the show^^

Konser 2NE1. Ini berarti bagi seorang senior untuk menunjukkan dukungan mereka dengan menghadiri konser junior mereka. Ada begitu banyak yang perlu belajar dari junior-junior kami! Bom ah Dara yah aku sangat senang bahwa Kalian mengundangku~ Aku menikmati menonton pertunjukan^^

(2nd tweet w/ the same pic)

Right arm 2NE1♬~ Left arm BADA☆~ Lipstick tattoos ^.~

Lengan kanan 2NE1♬~ Lengan kirim BADA☆~ Tatto lipstick ^.~


Note: Bada is a member of legendary k-pop girl group SES. It’s a great honour for 2NE1 to receive a compliment on their concert from her. It was even reported in the news and netizens commented, “A heart-warming senior-junior relationship”, “A senior that learns from her juniors, juniors that gives gifts of concert tickets.. it’s all so beautiful”, “I want to see 2NE1’s concert too!”


Source: Bada's Twitter 1 & 2 
Translated by:
Indo trans: 2NE1Land

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