(Info) List of Indonesian artis who is also a fan of 2NE1

Korean girlband, 2NE1 has finally started to be known in Indonesia. Especially after the release of “I am the best”. Aside from the amount of 2NE1 fans in Indonesia, there are also 2NE1 fans from Indonesian Music Entertainment.

  • Bisma SM*SH

Bisma is one of SM*SH member who is already well-known for being 2NE1 fans. Bisma admitted that he is a Blackjack. It’s written clearly in his twitter account. Bisma likes Sandara Park.

  • Reza SM*SH

Reza is also a fan of Dara. He said it even before Sm*sh is famous and has many fans. Reza likes Dara as his favorite artist, Reza also prefers Dara as a girl to be asked out for a date, because she’s really pretty.

Favorite artist: Sandara 2NE1, Katy perry, Agnes monica

  • Dicky SM*SH

Dicky is the same as Reza, he also likes 2NE1 before Sm*sh is famous. Dicky likes Bom and prefers her to be asked out for a date, because he thinks Bom is cute.

Favorite song: all song of 2NE1 and Lady gaga

  • Rangga SM*SH

Rangga is another member of SM*SH who is already well-known for being 2NE1 fans. Rangga prefers CL as a girl to be asked out for a date. The reason is, he thinks CL is an interesting girl, eccentric, and unique.

  • Anisa ChiBi (Chery Belle)

Anisa is one member of Cherry Belle, famous girlband in Indonesia. In her biodata which is spread across the internet and magazine, proved that her idol is Park Bom. Selain Park Bom, Anisa also idolized Taeyang Bigbang and Yoona SNSD. Anisa also ever did a cover of “I don’t care” and “It hurt”.

Idols: Shinchan, Garfield, Park Bom (2NE1), Yoona (SNSD), Taeyang (Bigbang)

  • Ayu Ting Ting

Ayu Ting Ting is a dangdut singer (dangdut: a music genre from Indonesia). She ever sang “I am the best” twice on an anniversary of an Indonesian TV channel and the final of a talent show for Indonesian girlband and boyband. Ayu Ting Ting also made an MV which is inspired from 2NE1 MV “I am the best”.

Ayu ting ting – Sik asik

Ayu ting ting with cherrybelle – I am the best

cut ver

  • Rianti Cartwright

Rianti Cartwright is an actress and a host in Indonesia. She ever said on a talent show “Indonesia Mencari Bakat”, that she likes Taeyang Bigbang dan 2NE1. She also ever wrote a tweet about 2NE1 and Taeyang.

  • Gege NSGS (NSG Stars)

Gege a member of NSG stars. Gege admitted he likes 2NE1 and Bigbang. His boyband also ever did a cover for “Lonely”, but the lyrics to the song “dewa 19 – Aku milikmu”

NSG Stars – lonely vs aku milikmu

  • Indra Herlambang

Indra Herlambang is a host in Indonesia. He ever said that he likes Super Junior dan 2NE1. He also ever wrote a tweet about 2NE1.

he’s likes “Lonely” 😀

  • NC Fame

NC is a member of Fame. According to the source (official twitter Fame), that NC likes CL 2NE1.

  • Alex Fame

Alex is also a member of Fame. Still according to the same source, Alex likes Sandara Park 2NE1, he is also following 2NE1 fanbase in Indonesia (@2NE1Indo)

  • Kamga Tangga

Kamga is a member from a vocal group, Tangga. He often writes tweets about 2NE1.

his style was inspired by 2ne1

  • Gamaliel dan Audrey

Gamaliel and Audrey are two people from Indonesia who are known for covering foreign songs like Ladi Gaga, Jason Mraz, etc. Gamaliel and Audrel ever did a cover for “Lonely” together with their cousins. From here, Gamaliel said he likes CL dan Audrey likes Bom.

  • Thom Fame

Thom from Fame. Same with the 2 Fame member above, he likes 2NE1. According source, Thom likes CL.

  • Lucaz Dragon Boyz

Lucaz is a member of Dragon Boyz. Many people said Lucaz likes 2NE1. He also follows 2NE1 fanbase in Indonesia named @2NE1indo and @2NE1Global. Many people mention that Lucaz likes Dara.

This article was made based on the information which is obtained from fans nor another fanbase. Perhaps there are still many of Indonesian artists who likes 2NE1. 2NE1 + Blackjack Fighting~! ^^

check Indonesian boyband, SM*SH is 2NE1 Fanboy.


Girlband Korea 2NE1 sudah mulai terkenal di Indonesia. Apalagi setelah lagu mereka “I am the best” di rilis. Selain banyaknya Fans 2NE1 di Indonesia, juga banyak Fans 2NE1 dari kalangan intertainment Indonesia.

  • Bisma SM*SH

Bisma adalah salah satu member SM*SH yang sudah terkenal karena mengidolakan 2NE1. Bisma mengakui bahwa dirinya adalah seorang Blackjack. Bisa lihat dari akun twitternya. Di 2NE1 Bisma menyukai Sandara Park.

  • Reza SM*SH

Reza juga seorang fans dari dara. Ini sudah di ungkapkannya bahkan sebelum Sm*sh terkenal dan memiliki banyak Fans. Reza menyukai Dara sebagai artis favoritnya, Reza juga memilih Dara sebagai wanita untuk diajak berkencan, karena dara sangat cantik.

  • Dicky SM*SH

Dicky sama seperti Reza, dia juga sudah menyukai 2NE1 sebelum Sm*sh terkenal. Dicky menyukai Bom dari 2NE1 dan memilihnya sebagai wanita untuk diajak berkencan, karena menurut Dicky  Bom itu imut.

  • Rangga SM*SH

Rangga adalah salah satu member SM*SH yang sudah terkenal karena mengidolakan 2NE1. Rangga memilih CL sebagai teman untuk di ajak kencan alasannya karena menurutnya CL itu menarik, eksentrik, dan unik.

  • Anisa ChiBi (cherry belle)

Anisa adalah salah satu member dari Cherry belle, girlband terkenal di Indonesia. Di biodata yang tersebar di internet dan majalah. Membuktikan bahwa Tokoh idolanya adalah Park bom. Selain Park Bom, Anisa juga mengidolakan Taeyang bigbang dan Yoona SNSD. Anisa juga pernah men-cover lagu 2NE1 seperti “I don’t care” dan “It hurt”

  • Ayu ting ting

Ayu ting ting adalah seorang penyanyi dangdut (dangdut: aliran musik asal Indonesia). Dia pernah menyanyikan lagu “I am the best” 2 kali saat ulang tahun suatu stasiun TV Indonesia dan Final suatu ajang pencarian bakat untuk Boyband dan Girlband Indonesia. Ayu ting ting juga membuat video musik yang terinspirasi oleh MV 2NE1 “I am the best”

  • Rianti Cartwright

Rianti Cartwright adalah seorang aktris, dan Host di Indonesia. Dia pernah mengungkapkan di suatu acara pencarian bakat “Indonesia Mencari Bakat” bahwa dia menyukai Taeyang Bigbang dan 2NE1. Dia juga pernah men-tweet tentang 2NE1 dan Taeyang.

  • Gege NSGS (NSG Stars)

Gege adalah salah satu member dari boyband NSG stars. Gege mengakui menyukai 2NE1 dan Bigbang. Boybandnya juga pernah mencover lagu “Lonely” tapi dengan lirik lagu Indonesia.

  • Indra Herlambang

Indra Herlambang adalah seorang Host di Indonesia. Dia pernah mengungkapkan kalau dirinya menyukai Super Junior dan 2NE1. Dia juga pernah beberapa kali mem-tweet tentang 2NE1.

  • NC Fame

NC adalah anggota boyband Fame. Menurut sumber (official twitter Fame), bahwa NC menyukai Dara 2NE1.

  • Alex Fame

Alex juga member dari boyband Fame. Masih menurut sumber yang sama, Alex menyukai CL 2NE1, dia juga mem-follow fanbase 2NE1 di Indonesia (@2NE1Indo)

  • Kamga Tangga

Kamga adalah member dari grup vocal, Tangga. Dia sering beberapa kali men-tweet tentang 2NE1.

  • Gamaliel dan Audrel

Gamaliel dan Audrel adalah dua orang asal Indonesia yang terkenal sering men-cover lagu luar negeri seperi Lady gaga, Jason mraz dll. Gamaliel dan Audrel pernah men-cover lagu “Lonely” bersama saudara mereka. Dari sini, Gamaliel mengungkapkan dia menyukai CL dan Audrel menyukai Bom.

  • Thom Fame

Thom dari boyband Fame. Seperti 2 member Fame yang lain dia menyukai 2NE1. Menurut sumber, Thom menyukai CL.

  • Lucaz Dragon Boyz

Lucaz adalah member lagu Boyband Dragon Boyz. Banyak orang yang mengatakan bahwa Lucaz menyukai 2NE1. Dia juga mem-follow twitter fanbase 2NE1 yaitu @2NE1indo dan @2NE1Global. Banyak orang yang menyebutkan bahwa Lucaz menyukai Dara.

Artikel ini dibuat berdasarkan Informasi yang di dapatkan dari Fans dan Fanbase lain. Mungkin masih banyak artis Indonesia lain yang menyukai 2NE1. 2NE1 + Blackjack Fighting~! ^^

article by: (ENG) mutia ardini. (IND) 2NE1Land


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